Beware of Darkness Rock Drunken Horse Pub Fayetteville, NC 4-10-14

Beware of Darkness Rock Drunken Horse Pub Fayetteville, NC 4-10-14

Beware of Darkness has been extremely busy in the past year.  After releasing their debut album Orthodox in May of 2013, along with a successful run on the Uproar Festival of the same year, the band continues to spread the word of their rock-n-roll infection.  Wrapping up a three week long nationwide tour in March, the Southern California band stopped in Fayetteville, NC on Tuesday April 10th at the gritty Drunken Horse Pub.  Joining them for the evening were three local acts consisting of Tonic Immobility, Eyes & Teeth, and Lotus Sun.

Tonic Immobility was the first band on the bill, and since their bassist was under the weather, they chose to play a series of cover tunes from a wide range of genres. They warmed the room up with some Alanis Morissette and Weezer, playing each with a generous measure of soul. Vocalist Dustin Day had a robust voice, the kind that tends to grab you tight and not let go. There was an underlying grunge flavor to his tone, but he never let it define his delivery; even when he played a song like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, segueing into a prog-rock version of “Billie Jean”.  It certainly kept people on their toes and wanting more.

Eyes & Teeth, smiling and enthusiastic, took the stage next.  Their pleasant demeanor combined with their facetious song titles like “Facebook Post”, “Ethnic Drummer” and “Remember to Tune Your Guitar” gained the audiences full attention. Their sound was heavy without being aggressive, and each musician in the band was confident and well-practiced.

Next on stage was Lotus Sun which defies genre, mixing jazzy tones and rock, making a sound all their own. Their songs were executed with style from each member on stage, and vocalist Tyrek Hearon threw himself fully into each groove. Since Lotus Sun is a three-piece band, Hearon was free to use the stage as his playground, jumping around with his guitar in hand, providing for a eye-catching spectacle. Their set list was cohesive while Hearon’s voice smooth, sensual, and enjoyable to listen to.

After the local bands put on strong unified performances representing Fayetteville proudly, it was time for the main attraction known as Beware of Darkness.  Together since 2011, this young three-piece band led by Kyle Nicolaides (vocalist/guitarist), Daniel Curcio (bassist), and Tony Cupito (drums) has made great strides in three short years.  With a style and sound defying trends, their raw and organic approach to rock-n-roll is refreshing and something more people are gravitating toward.   Approaching the stage with rock-n-roll swagger, each member fittingly wore all black, and Nicolaides sported a tight leather jacket.  Comfortably behind their instruments, it was time to rock!

Despite the size of the venue, Beware of Darkness treated the room like a sold-out arena with passion and energy that could raise the dead.  Drawing from the strut of the stadium rock of the Arctic Monkeys, as well as the indie-pop sensibilities of the Kooks, Beware of Darkness’ electric and eccentric style is irresistible.  Playing songs like “Be My Exorcist”, “Ghost Girl”, and “Amen Amen” was just an early sample of their diversity.  With edgy raw guitar sound and wavy sincere vocal delivery, Nicolaides dominated the stage like a seasoned veteran.  Bringing in the weekend a night early, the audience moved around letting loose, just as rock-n-roll was intended to be.  Beware of Darkness possess a keen sense that they understand the deeper meaning of rock music and its loving nature to free the soul of troubles and anguish.

The band moved along into “My Planet is Dead” and “Salvation Is Here”.  Nicolaides’ voice glowed while the instrumentation textures of the entire band felt more like a rock orchestra rather than a 3-piece outfit.  While the band bled rock attitude, this is not a negative connotation but a testament to their ambition and excitement they bring to a room.  Just when you think you have figured it all out, Nicolaides showed a moment of vulnerability when introducing their current scorching hot single “All Who Remain”, simply stating “This is for anyone who needs it tonight”.  A remarkable song within itself, the track is a stripped-down emotional letter to all the loved ones who have been taken from the world too soon.  Hitting all the right sentiments, the band brought the song to life, making the audience’s ears tingle and bodies shiver.  “Morning Tea” kept the cool relaxing vibe flowing before “Heart Attack” took over like a menacing storm.  Unapologetic and catchy as hell, Nicolaides’ lyrics are meant to provoke a reaction and that is exactly what they do.

Feeding the spirit of the room with songs like “Hummingbird” left the audience speechless and completely under the band’s spell.  Seeming like the performance flew by in mere minutes, due to balanced force of music, the set concluded with the straight-up hard rock song “Howl”.  Undeniably, Beware of Darkness killed it, note for note and word for word; immediately stimulating a bundle of gracious applauds.

This was a performance filled with everything you want and expect from a live concert.  There are no masks worn by these three musicians, they leave it all on the stage with their music.  The time is now to catch this band in a intimate room before they explode.




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