Bigfoot Famous (Movie Review)

Andy Warhol’s famous saying “in the future everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes” has never been more relevant than in today’s tech-obsessed society. Instead of being lucky enough to be chosen for a reality show – now anyone at anytime can upload content on a number of platforms, bare their souls, build up a following, and get paid. From grumpy cats to viral TikTok dances, YouTuber commentators, Instagram models and influencers – at any moment a no one goes to someone in record speed. But, like anything easy in life, there’s always a catch. Taking a satirical look at societies desperate need for attention and what seeking it without moral or forethought may cost, Bigfoot Famous was released on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 through Gravitas Ventures.
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After seeing a viral Bigfoot video Coley of Coley Nation (Steph Barkley: The Normal Heart 2014, Confess 2017), uses it to chase her former meteoric rise to internet fame. With her bestie/boyfriend Jericho (Sam Milman: The Most Best Talk Show series, See Psychopaths 2012) by her side Coley travels to the Bigfoot site ready for her next big paying adventure. 
Local guide Marty (Chris Kleckner: The Great Crunch 2018, Copshop 2021) reluctantly takes Jericho and Coley into the forest with highly unstable tracker Triple T (Anthony Ma: debut film) leading the crazy train. Instead of finding her lost fame, Coley and Jericho discover murder, getting lost in the woods and a subsequent legal investigation with the help of Coley’s, YouTube colleagues like Freddie Huff (debut film) takes center stage. If Coley survives the horrific turn of events and clears her name – infamy may be just as good as fame. #coleykiller or #coleyawesome
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Unlike many content with making sour dough or learning to fold fitted sheets during quarantine, Writers Sam Milman and Peter Vass (Old MacDonald 2017, Bad Weather Films series) joined directors, as well as stars, Steph Barkley, Chris Kleckner and Sam Milman to create this amusing, enjoyable romp. Reflective of the strange society we live in, Bigfoot famous is a fun and tragically accurate ride along the social media rollercoaster. Worth the time, Cryptic Rock  gives Bigfoot Famous 4 out of 5 stars.

Gravitas Ventures

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