Billie Marten – Drop Cherries (Album Review)

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The name Billie Marten may not be a household name among all music lovers, but she is someone worth consideration. A singer-songwriter out of England, Billie Marten first earned some attention for her talents when only a kid with her videos showcasing her singing on YouTube to thousands of views. From here Marten grew, putting out a couple of EPs between 2014 and 2015, with her debut album Writing of Blues and Yellows arriving in 2016 through RCA. Releasing one more album with RCA in 2019, Marten moved onto British label Fiction Records thereafter, releasing Flora Fauna in 2021.

Showcasing different faces of her sound on each release, in most recent history, listeners have seen Marten offer Folk elements on Feeding Seahorses by Hand from 2019, before a dreamier, atmospheric Pop style heard on much of Flora Fauna. Both very compelling listens, in 2023 Marten returns with her fourth album, Drop Cherries. Released on April 7th through Fiction Records, the 13 songs that make up the album once again show Marten’s song structures flowing wherever they honestly take her.

For those unfamiliar with Marten, or her music, the best way to describe her is largely as a singer-songwriter rooted in modern Folk Rock music. Not limited, Marten writes songs that are personal, thoughtful, and as a result very emotional. A very talented lyricist, her voice is what really mesmerizes with subtle textures that are both relaxing and smooth. And those looking for a broad comparison, think of a Dido, but more acoustic based instrumentally.

Now, looking at Drop Cherries, the album has a relatively even mood which is soul-easing and predominantly stripped down. Unique to what she did with Flora Fauna, this album is heavily acoustic guitar based, but not without other elements included such as piano and drums. Produced together with Dom Monk (who has worked with Marten in the past, among many others including Mary Chapin Carpenter), what is captured is a very mood driven collection. In enough words, you largely feel as if you are sitting in a room with Marten as she openly performs songs from her heart.

Requiring your undivided attention to grasp the beauty it possesses, turning moments on Drop Cherries would have to include, but not be limited to, “Just Us,” the single “I Can’t Get My Head Around You,” “Willow,” plus the stunning “Arrows” and album title-track. Each quite moving, these samples hold this album together like glue so that listeners catch everything inside it equally.

Now at 24 years of age it could be argued that Billie Marten’s best years are ahead of her as a creator. Already done so much, the young singer-songwriter continues to grow rapidly. All of this makes Drop Cherries an enchanting listen that Acoustic Rock, Folk Rock, or just plain good music fans should want to check out. Adding to the story, Marten closes out 2023 recently putting out an acoustic EP entitled Billie Marten on Audiotree Live. Featuring a set of 6 songs from Drop Cherries, it is also worth your time and is available for streaming at such places as Spotify. A bright spot on the music scene, Cryptic Rock gives Drop Cherries 4 out of 5 stars.

Billie Marten - Drop Cherries album cover
Billie Marten – Drop Cherries / Fiction Records (2023) 

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