Billy Idol Dancing With Myself Book Signing Tempe, AZ 10-13-14

Billy Idol Dancing With Myself Book Signing Tempe, AZ 10-13-14

billy crypticrockOctober means Rocktober at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ; a new series introduced by the store which will bring the likes of rockers Billy Idol, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), and Gene Simmons (Kiss) in for a little public face-time for the release of each rockers new books. On Monday October 13th, Billy “The Vital” Idol came into town for the release of his new autobiography Dancing With Myself.  With the book, Idol brings an electric, seemingly honest look into his journey to fame, from his early year days as frontman of the UK Punk band Generation X to the life atop the Dance-Rock kingdom he ruled throughout the ’80s.

On the mild fall night in Tempe, the crowd began to gather with much buzz flowing through the surrounding streets. Changing Hands Bookstore is a smaller, non-corporate eclectic type store, but never with a crowd this large. Not much room was spared for the nearly five-hundred folks that came out to re-live a spectacular piece of their ’80s past.  With great anticipation, some dressed for the occasion including an individual draped in black, safety pins up and down his pants, nice wallet with the classic double chain from his back pocket to the front, the hair dyed blonde and spiked up high. Then there was a young lady that had that full puffy hair, which looked to use up an entire can of Aqua Net, and let’s not forget that classic Madonna clothing montage. It was a sight to be seen for sure, but all in fun. A fan is a fan, and on this night they were able to meet a true Punk Rock icon.

Six o’clock PM hit and, pretty much right on cue, in walked William Michael Albert Broad, aka Billy Idol, to the screams of the ladies yelling, “Billy we love you,” “Billy your gorgeous,” and of course “Billy you’re hot.”  Yes the ladies still love you Idol, and although Idol is closing in on sixty, he still has a strong resemblance to the self of yesteryear. Still with his hair dyed blonde and spiked, wearing black, the silver rings and chains, he appears to be in great shape, and let’s not forget that patented lip-curling sneer. Idol’s book, which just hit the stands a mere week earlier, is a survivor’s tale at its heart that is sometimes chilling.  The book is always a riveting account of one man’s creative drive joining forces with unbridled human desire, which is unmistakably literary in its character and brave in its sheer willingness to tell.  In fact, after reading through this book, Idol may just be classified as one of the great writers among his musical peers.

Idol was always known for his signature Punk attitude with an appealing blend of Pop hooks, dance beats, and gritty metallic crunch.  He has created some of Rock’s most indelible anthems, like “Rebel Yell,” “White Wedding,” and “Cradle Of Love” to name a few. For that reason, he is celebrated by followers justifiably.  Thankfully for those supports, Idol is keeping busy with this new book and he is releasing his first studio album in nearly a decade on October 21st titled Kings & Queens Of The Underground. He will also hit the road in November for a tour that will begin in the UK and find him back in North America in early 2015.  All this activity is welcomed by fans and shows that this Punk Rock icon is not slowing down, in fact, just the opposite; he will be “Dancing With Everyone” to the sound of a “Rebel Yell” into the foreseeable future.


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Rick Triana
[email protected]
  • Ashley Swamy
    Posted at 16:25h, 16 October Reply

    It was a wonderful night! I came all the way out from Oklahoma to see Billy Idol in Tempe. You captured the spirit perfectly in your article. His book teaches us all that success comes to those who never give up. I would like to note that I don’t use Aqua Net. I just use a pick. 🙂

  • Rick Triana
    Posted at 05:06h, 19 October Reply

    Ashley – There were some AquaNet ladies in the crowd for sure…. It was a great time and so glad you were able to get to AZ from OK. That’s pretty cool.

    I was so surprised that I was grossly off with my guesstimation of the size of the crowd. I spoke with the Marketing Dir and it was close to 3,000 folks that made it out to meet Billy and pick up a book. That was actually better than any of the other 4 stores Billy was visiting. Billy’s book signing out did some past book signings held at Changing Hands. Like Paul Stanley & even close to surpassing Ozzy’s visit. Go Changing Hands Book Store, keep ’em coming.

    Ashely – Be on the look out for my Joe Perry article. It’ll be posted soon.

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