Billy Idol – The Roadside (EP Review)

Billy Idol – The Roadside (EP Review)

Billy Idol is a living legend and the epitome of Rock-n-Roll. In his almost 50 years of making music, he has released only eight studio albums, but he has also released a live album, five compilation albums, 37 singles and various other appearances, as well as performing countless shows. And now he is back with fresh music and his first all-new original release in seven years: The Roadside EP comes with four songs, lasts for 16 fist-pumping minutes, and was released on September 17, 2021 through Dark Horse Records. 

To be more specific, The Roadside EP includes two faster tracks and two calmer ones—this way it maintains a perfect balance. With a charming British accent and that vigorous voice, Idol takes his listeners on a quick trip through his latest music, and maybe—and hopefully!—a sneak peak of what is yet to come.

Opening track “Rita Hayworth” begins with a growl before the loud and thriving music begins. An homage to the famous ‘40s actress of the same name, it begins with chanting reminiscent of a stadium soccer game and injects the listener with the same level of adrenaline rush.  However, with “Bitter Taste,” Idol takes it a little bit slower. While its initial notes could also be a classic Chris Isaak song, with its welcoming calm, the track’s lyrics border on sadness, talking about the past and future. A wonderfully deep song, it is intended to inspire its listeners to linger and take some time to grasp its full experience. 

Meanwhile, “U Don’t Have to Kiss Me Like That” has an extremely catchy rhythm, and the female backing vocals on the chorus animate and inspire listeners to sing along. With a touch of Synthpop in its bones, it might as well be a brilliant ‘80s hit whose good vibes and infectious energy will never tire its listeners, even after 40 years of hitting “repeat.” When it fades, Mr. Idol plays with us again, offering up the slowed tempo “Baby Put Your Clothes Back On” as the last song on the EP. Just like “Bitter Taste,” this one is a melancholic, genuine piece that comes directly from the heart.  

Simply put: Billy Idol is back and he is rocking just as hard as always. The EP’s four songs usher listeners into a great mood, one that makes it very difficult to sit still while the music is still playing. In this, the faster songs are destined to cause adrenaline levels to rise. But Idol goes beyond this to offer four timeless songs that will also inspire listeners to forget everything as they drink in his latest. And The Roadside EP definitely leaves its audience hungry for more! For this, Cryptic Rock gives the EP 5 out of 5 stars. 

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