Bleeding Through Farewell Tour with Winds Of Plague, Oceano, Gideon, & Sworn at Starland Ballroom 11-13-13 (Live Coverage)

winds cover - Bleeding Through Farewell Tour with Winds Of Plague, Oceano, Gideon, & Sworn at Starland Ballroom 11-13-13 (Live Coverage)

Bleeding Through Farewell Tour with Winds Of Plague, Oceano, Gideon, & Sworn at Starland Ballroom 11-13-13 (Live Coverage)

Orange County, CA band Bleeding Through is the definition of American heavy metal/hardcore band. The band has been grabbing you by the throat with their music since 1999. Considered by Revolver magazine in 2004 as one of the bands responsible for ushering in the future of metal and hardcore, it is easy to see why when seeing them perform live or listening to one of their seven studio albums. With all that said, this is why it was such a shock when on January 3rd, 2013, Bleeding Through announced that after their European tour they would be taking part in a farewell U.S. tour. On the farewell tour, there is support from bands Sworn In, Gideon, Oceano, and the much popular Winds of Plague. All things must come to an end, and a large crowd gathered at Starland Ballroom to be a part of metal history.

Sworn In arrived on stage dressed in all black with minimal lighting; setting the mood for their slow and aggressive music that they, themselves, classify as just “Heavy”.  Signed to Razor and Tie the band is from Grayslake, IL put on a performance that can only be described as perfectly disturbing. Lead singer Tyler Dennen added to the dramatic nature of the music by falling to his knees throughout their set praying to the darkness.  Their performance can best be described as terrifying in a positive way.  When playing the track “Snake Eyes” Sworn In had complete control of the room.  Having only been around since 2011 this band has gained quite the following with fans.  Their debut album, Death Card, was released back in August and worthy of checking out.

Next was Alabama’s Gideon, self described as a melodic aggressive hardcore band. They are known for their gang vocal parts and powerful front man Daniel McWhorter. They have been hitting the stage since 2008 they have the fluidity of bands doing it three times as long. Their performance was so tight it’s clear to see why Gideon t-shirts dressed the backs of plenty of fans in the pit.

Keeping the mid west flavor going, Chicago based band Oceano was next. In 2012 there had been rumors the band was breaking up, but it later turned out to be just a short term break. Oceano took the stage with fury and gave it their all. By the time the first song was complete Adam Warren (lead vocalist) had already broken a sweat. Having just released their latest full length album Incisions in October, it is evident this band has new life as each member thrashed about the stage. By the time their set was complete Oceano raised the bar and had one of the most vigorous performances of the night.

It was time for one of the most unique bands of the evening. Winds of Plague is a band which has crossed metal genres over the past decade. With an interesting mix of deathcore and symphonic black metal their sound has attracted the attention of an abundant fan base over the years. With numerous tours to their credit and metal festival appearances Winds of Plague prove to be a force in the metal scene. All the way from Upland, CA, you’d think they were a local band judging by the immense respect and fan fare they garnish in New Jersey.

Like a bullet through a gun they exploded on to the stage. Jonathan “Johnny Plague” Cooke adorning a bullet proof vest with the words “ Plague” across the chest and back, as well as a mask across his face, simulating the jaw and teeth of what appeared like a monster. They opened with new track “Open the Gates of Hell”. The bass from the drumming of Brandon Galindo shook you from the inside while the symphonic elements provided by Alana Potocnik (keyboards) were just enough to make it slightly eerie.

Shortly into their set they broke out crowd favorite, “Decimate the Weak”, and to say the crowd responded well would be an understatement. There was not a body standing still at this point with everyone dancing or screaming along. Winds of Plague project an intense breed of hardcore metal which punches you right in the face, and this performance was evident of such.

The band stormed through an 8 song set with ease and pose. Their new Record Resistance recently dropped on October 29th and it is definitely worth more than just one listen.

The night evening closed out by Bleeding Through. The band decided against any press for their farewell tour. Bleeding through is a band for the fans and to see them end in any way other than providing the ultimate fan experience live would be wrong.

The crowd had their eyes glued on the band while moving about the floor losing themselves in the moment. Bleeding Through did their farewell just with a 16 song set balancing out 14 year long career. There are still a few dates left on this tour so Cryptic Rock suggests you go before Bleeding Through says their final farewell to fans.

Written by Jesse Murch

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