Blink-182 – California (Album Review)

blink slide - Blink-182 - California (Album Review)

Blink-182 – California (Album Review)

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Within the scene, there is just one attribute that continues to mend broken hearts, give life to a party, and form bonds that just might turn into something big one day. Of course, that “one thing in common” is music. Just outside of San Diego, California, Blink-182 came together without knowing one of the biggest bands in Pop Punk history was about to be born, and even take over the scene. Forming in the early ’90s, fate brought the original three together, morphing them into their unforgettable and highly successful futures. Instantly clicking, the guys spent all of their time writing music and having the time of their lives; blowing up before they even knew it with the release of their first album, Cheshire Car, in 1995.

After an insane amount of touring and the release of their second full-length album, Travis Barker stepped in for initial drummer Scott Raynor and Blink-182 was golden; until 2005 that is. The only way to say successful is to stay happy; disagreements were made between the group and the ultimate decision was made. Fans all over the world were devastated to hear the news of Blink-182’s indefinite hiatus; leaving all to wonder if they were ever going to hear new music from the band again.

What seemed like an a million decades later, after a tragic plane crash involving Barker, Blink-182 decided to rekindle their bond and put the past behind them, gearing up for a bright future filled with music. Being one of the most influential Pop Punk bands around, the scene was more than overjoyed to have them back. Supported by other incredible talents such as Fall Out Boy and Weezer, Blink-182 headed out on a reunion tour of a lifetime. Playing an immense amount of shows, many of them selling out, to writing riveting songs hitting close to home for all to hear, the boys were back and better than ever; with only one more lineup change to seal the deal.

Finally back with their seventh full-length studio album, Hoppus, Barker, and Matt Skiba, better known as Blink-182, have done it again; skyrocketing on the charts and most importantly grabbing the world’s attention. California was released to the public July 1st, via BMG records; produced by the one and only John Feldman (Goldfinger, All Time Low, We Came As Romans, The Used, Panic! At The Disco). Highlighting the album in all of its greatness, these sixteen tracks live up to every fan’s expectations, and even exceed them. Although the entirety of California is a Pop Punk’s dream, there are a couple of songs that just go a tad bit above and beyond to stand out among the rest.

California kicks off with “Cynical,” a sure-to-be hit for any listener. Sticking to their roots, this track is an upbeat introduction to Blink-182 and all they have to offer; with a fast tempo and lyrics to kill, any listener is sure glad to have the guys back in their life once more. Followed by the album’s hit single, “Bored To Death,” this track took the world by storm and sent fans into a whirlwind of Blink-182. Shifting the excitement from an already high level to out of this universe, fans are forced to only grow more with anticipation for new music and upcoming tour dates. With melodies that will seep into one’s brain and lyrics to die for, this song is an instant favorite for any and all fans, new and old.

Jumping ahead and slowing the pace down a bit, “Home Is Such A Lonely Place” is a beautifully written and performed piece. Filled with raw energy right from the beginning to the very end, this is a track to get lost in. Continuing on with “Kings Of The Weekend,” this song is fun and completely danceable; with lyrics “thank god for Punk Rock bands,” all listeners are sure to relate as they take part in listening to one of the pioneering bands of this new age Pop Punk.

Unique and eccentric, “Rabbit Hole” is an inviting yet unpredictable piece; through its ups and downs this song is playful and will only make listeners want to revisit the entirety of California. Now nearing the end of the album, it is only natural that the title track is known; “California” takes their audience on a trip to the beautiful West Coast. Slow and melodic, this track will make anyone a Blink-182 fan.

Holding credit for many of this generation’s scene, Blink-182 has been influencing musicians ever since their first release. While aspiring to inspire, and nothing but love in their hearts and pure passion in their minds, there is nothing they can not do. No matter what the future holds, it seems as though the kings “of the weekend” and of course Pop Punk, are back and here to keep the throne for good. CrypticRock gives Blink-182’s California 4 out of 5 stars.

blink 182 - Blink-182 - California (Album Review)

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