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Blondshell – Blondshell (Album Review)

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Qualifying as one of the top new artists to look out for in 2023, you have what is known as Blondshell. The project of Jewish American Singer-Songwriter Sabrina Mae Teitelbaum, Blondshell is the next step in her musical evolution. Initially begun with the more Pop-leaning act called BAUM in 2017, it metaphorized into Blondshell in 2020 with Teitelbaum creating something moody, dark, and fitting nicely within the realm of Alternative Rock. Raw, honest, and full of some deep inner thought, Teitelbaum’s Blondshell took a big step forward with the release of her self-titled debut album back on April 7, 2023 through Partisan Records.

Consisting of 9 tracks, and lasting just over 30 minutes, following a successful run of 2023 tour dates (many which sold out), on October 6th Blondshell arrived as a deluxe edition with 5 additional tracks. Including some songs that are fresh to listener’s ears, they join a list of an already very strong collection. Now, in case you are curious what Blondshell brings, the answer is best found with listening for yourself. As mentioned, the music does fit very well within the Alternative Rock world, and in many ways, feels retro thanks to raw, fuzzy guitars and haunting vocals. Something fans of Veruca Salt, The Cranberries, or Slowdive would really find enticing, the genuine songwriting of Teitelbaum is what truly makes Blondshell standout.

Not faking it, Teitelbaum speaks candidly about real life experiences that clearly have not all been linear. Honestly never the case with any of us, what really stays with you is that while at times Teitelbaum comes across as somber and full of angst, it is does not feel excessive. Truly refreshing, you can relate with her emotions without feeling as if they are wrapped in any sort of self-indulgence.

Furthermore, the Grunge-like tone to many of these songs also add something to the mood. Considering all these qualities, highlights on this debut include “Olympus,” “Salad,” “Sepsis,” and “Joiner.”  And of the deluxe edition bonus tracks, it is recommended to check out “Street Rat,” as well as “Cartoon Earthquakes” which was originally an earlier released non-album track. 

Recently wrapping up a tour with Liz Phair, Blondshell is now preparing for more international dates in early 2024. Rising fast, if you have not heard of Blondshell yet, it is urged you give this new album a listen. Very ethereal at times, and always quite beautiful, Cryptic Rock gives 2023’s Blondshell album 4.5 out of 5 stars.  

Blondshell 2023 album
Blondshell – Blondshell / Partisan Records (2023)

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