Blood Empires (Movie Review)

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Blood Empires (Movie Review)

Featured at the Macabre Film Festival on January 16- 18th, 2015,  Blood Empire is the latest Action Drama film by B Empire Productions, but is yet to be released in the United States. Written and directed by Peter Rajesh Joachim, Blood Empires was shot on a low budget over the course of just twelve days. Taking place in Middle America the film telling the interesting stories of Daniel Lloyd (Stevie Jay: Moon Point 2011, Farewell 2014) and Elena Kayaka Domikova (Kassandra Santos: Black Eve 2010, Drained 2011) from an Observational Point of View.

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Still from Blood Empires

A long title sequence begins with Daniel as a young child attending church with his loving mother, who as they leave is brutally murdered by an unseen assailant before his innocent eyes. This traumatic event helps mould Daniel’s violent and criminal future, a deadly inheritance from his still living father James (Steven L. Bird: Advocate 2012, 10-57 2013) . Daniel’s only other family member is his brother in friendship, is a transgender woman, known as Allicia (Christopher Sawchyn: Nikita 2010, Trees Between Us 2014). Daniel himself is a hitman for a major drug ring headed by Crime Boss Wendell Gibbons (Scott McCulloch: A Man is a Man 2013, Early Mourning 2014).

Captain Phillip Desmond (Jerry Schaefer: Working the Engels 2014, Bang Bang Baby 2014) is frustrated with the lack of progress and potential suspects in the killing of Wendell, pushing the Detectives by initiating new recruit Elena into the task force as a new set of eyes. This proves instantly to be a positive move as soon as Elena starts investigating the murder. However, this does not prove popular with the other members of the task force, which in time proves to be more than challenging for Elena. Elena lives with her mother, after her father who was also a cop was brutally murdered by an unknown killer years before. This drives her desire to hunt down criminals and find some sort of justice.

A rival, Crime Boss Victor (Joe Ring: 21 Dates of Christmas 2011, Bully Fighters 2014) has been creating trouble, Wendell authorizes Daniel and Jimmy (Philip Marshall: Assault on Precinct 13 2005, Breakout Kings 2011) to kill him, which they do quickly with enthusiasm. This sets off a cavalcade of events that ripple through the drug rings, in turn drawing the attention of a special task force run by Detective Guzman (Walter Alza: Conduct Unbecoming 2011, He Never Died 2014), Detective Hames (Rob Fulton: Reign 2014, Jack in the Box 2014), Detective Artur Domikova (Richard Collier: The Old Ways 2010, Club Utopia 2013), and Sergeant Brown (Kelly Fanson: Milton’s Frontier 2014, Rookie Blue 2014). Captain Phillip Desmond (Jerry Schaefer: Working the Engels 2014, Bang Bang Baby 2014), is frustrated with the lack of progress brings Elena into the task force, causing drastic friction.

blood empires still - Blood Empires (Movie Review)
Still from Blood Empires

After Daniel makes an emotional but regular visit to his mothers grave, he spies Elena visiting her fathers grave. This is where the two stories intersect.  Coincidentally an incident involving Daniel’s father causes Elena and Daniel to become familiar.  A few more chance meetings, and the star-crossed lovers begin an increasingly complicated relationship, as their prospective incongruous careers and personal draw them together in an explosive conclusion. With crooked cops added to the mix, Daniel and Elena second guess their choices, and neither of them are sure who to trust. Vicious criminals are also looking for revenge, ensuring Elena and Daniel face danger at every turn. Will Elena and Daniel be strong enough to do what they need to do before someone else stops them?

Blood Empires is a dark film showing the impact of both nature and nurture in the development of criminals, as well as cops alike, and their respective dynasties. The cinematography by Dexter Calleja (The Anniversary 2014, Doghouse 2014) is a little jerky in places but, like the acting, smooths out as it goes along. Blood Empires is well-acted by a strong diverse cast, with plenty of twists, turns, and a surprise ending. Minimal special effects by Doug Groves were handled well in a dream-like sequence. With more films in the works, B Empire Productions and Writer Director Rajesh Joachim Overall is one viewers should keep an eye on. A solid story with plenty of lots interesting turns, one to watch over and over. CrypticRock Scores Blood Empires 4 out 5 stars.

blood empires slide - Blood Empires (Movie Review)

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