Blood Machines (Movie Review)

blood machines slide - Blood Machines (Movie Review)

Blood Machines (Movie Review)

Anyone wondering how it feels to have the mind blown from seeing something extraordinary will take great pleasure feasting a pair of peepers on Blood Machines, a 50-minute movie presented in three chapters. A Shudder Original Experience, it is cosmic blast of super-fantastic imagery, super-cool characters, and a killer soundtrack available for streaming on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

To keep the synopsis as brief and as vague as possible so not to ruin an amazing experience, Blood Machines follows a crew of two spacemen tracking a crashed spaceship, which they want to destroy for good. Little do they know this ship was once alive, and the soul of this crashed vessel has no intentions of being caught. Helping this soul to escape is a fearless group of mysterious priestess warriors that may or may not have an ominous plan for the future of this particular soul.

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Blood Machines is a visual masterpiece in that all of its special effects and atmosphere could be seen as a vessel, where the characters involved and the musical score are what makes up its soul. Every scene moves at a lightning-fast pace, encapsulating a story told at times without dialogue, successfully utilizing visuals and music to give off major plot points, never leaving anyone in the dark as to what is happening.

Writer/Director duo Raphaël Hernandez (Kaydara 2011, Turbo Killer 2016), and Seth Ickerman (Turbo Killer 2016) pay homage to old Sci-Fi films with the biggest of hearts, and sincerity, without selling themselves short to prove how well they can tell their own story. Hernandez and Ickerman employed a slew of extremely talented companies to create all of the visuals and special effects seen in Blood Machines. The attention to detail is impeccable. Spaceships, lasers, and space itself never looked this cool. Every single thing in this short film is alive.

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Musician/Composer Carpenter Brut (Father And Son 2015, My Blood 2019) is behind the synth-laden, pulverizing music heard throughout Blood Machines, working in songs that perfectly complement each scene and scenario like the movie was instead a video game involving a warrior readying for a battle. Back in 2016, Carpenter Brut released a music video called Turbo Killer, for which Seth Ickerman directed. This led to a full-blown collaboration for Blood Machines, which has become an expansion of a really cool Sci-Fi mythos.

There are tons of amazing things to experience when watching Blood Machines, which will make it that much harder not to want more and more. The visuals and music alone make for one hell of a trip, and the fact that this fantastical mythos is far too short will become a really good tease.

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For top-notch directing, superbly-written music, and for the more-than-talented people behind the SFX, is why Cryptic Rock proudly rates Blood Machines 5 out of 5 intergalactic stars.

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