Bobaflex & Dead Superstar rock Even Flow Bay Shore, NY 3-15-15 w/ Last Turn Off Broadway & Act of Aggression

Two days before St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday March 15th, Bay Shore, New York’s Even Flow Bar and Grill filled with fans mostly clad in green, looking to enjoy some great wings and some even better music. The night would include four Rock bands, each with their own unique sound coming together to wow the Long Island crowd. Local acts Last Turn Off Broadway and Act of Aggression would join national touring band Bobaflex for a must-see show with Long Island’s own Dead Superstar.

Kicking off the night was Hard Rock band Last Turn Off Broadway, out of the village of Farmingdale.  Those unfamilar with Last Turn Off Broadway might of found it hard to believe that the band was formed only a year ago. Coming to light following writing sessions between Artie Aldarondo (lead vocals) and Mike Wahmann (guitar/co-lead vocals). As Dan Klepner (guitar), Ryan Kenneth (bass), and Dean Burlon Jr. (Drums), the band would not take long to gel together. Releasing their debut EP Born from Lions in late 2014 to much praise,  what makes the collection of songs so successful is the level of teamwork the band shows. With Wahmann producing the EP, the band would work together to engineer, distribute, and design the EP’s artwork featuring Kenneth’s dog, Molly.

Opening with a track titled “Underneath the Sun,” the band would quickly gain the notice of the crowd that begun to grow within Even Flow. Going onto to play “Enough” before playing “We’ll Get There” off their first EP, the track “Last Goodbye” would thankfully prove to be anything but the sort. With the crowd warming up to the band, Last Turn Off Broadway would play a new track titled “April 2013.” As the band continued to roll through their set, they added a special treat when joining them on stage was local solo acoustic artist Jansh. Having previously worked with Aldarondo, the two showed great chemistry closing the show with infectious track “Part of Me.”  While the band is taking some time off until May to work on some new tracks and their next EP, they will return to Even Flow on May 16th along with I Ignite, Evil Betty, and Dune Local.  Another show lined up for Last Turn on Broadway will find them playing at the East Islip Lanes on June 5th.

As more people poured into Even Flow, the stage was set for another Long Island based band. This time, it would be a Metal band, the appropriately named Act of Aggression. With Steven Cacciola (drums), Paula Britton (Rhythm guitar), Tony Marcello (Lead Guitar) and Jorge Mesa (bass) backing the talented Larry Owens (Vocals), the band based out of Ridge, NY would come to the stage playing hard hitting Heavy Metal that fans couldn’t help but bang their heads too. With blistering tracks such as “Predestined” and Forgotten” starting up their set, the band  immediately garnered the crowd’s attention. When the crowd chose not to come closer to the stage, Owens jumped off the stage to bring the show closer to them. He would joke afterwards that he almost slipped on his dismount from the stage, showing the band could be humorous as well. Finishing the set with songs “Where Does it Lie,” before closing with “745,” the band would keep the Metal going through to the finish of their set. Currently touring in Germany, Act of Aggression will be heading to our neighbor’s to the north in Canada in June.

The third act, Bobaflex, would be the only the band of the night not to be native to Long Island, hailing from Point Pleasant, West Virgina instead. Formed in 1998, the band has quite the history behind it. With ancestral ties to the well-known American feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families, Shaun and Marty McCoy (both on vocals and guitar) join Timmy Johnson (drums), David Tipple (Guitar) and Jymmy Tolland (bass) to form a rock band that is built for success. Having been signed to TVT Records, featured on Gigantour in 2005, Rock on the Range in 2008 and 2012, as well as toured all over, Bobaflex are seasoned veterans who have seen the good and the bad. Taking their experience in the music industry with them, the band’s sixth, and most current album from 2013, Charlatan’s Web, has proving to be a huge success featuring three hit singles. The band would play these three greats amongst others during their set. Preparing to release their seventh album, Anything That Moves, later this year in June, the band would go on stage with a full catalog of music to show the Long Island crowd.

Unfortunately due to problems out of their control,Bobaflex would be forced to turn their act into an acoustic set for the night. No stranger to being delt a bad hand, their charamstic personalities and fortitude turned the hiccup into a winning experience. The performance would prove to be one for the ages, and was a real treat for all of those in attendance. Playing tracks spanning their six released albums, the band would engage the Long Island audience with a number of their hits including “Home,” “Vampire,” along with “Bad Man,” I’m Glad You’re Dead,” and “Never Coming Back.” Taking advantage of their acoustic set, the band would also play a riveting cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.” Providing strong musicianship and emotional deliveries, Bobaflex would also take advantage of the bar setting to quickly play the Cheers television theme. As they closed their set, Bobaflex would have one last treat up their sleeve, leaving the stage, the offering free copies of Charlatan’s Web to all who wanted. Bobaflex are a band of fighters, and thankfully for their fans they are, because even after all these years their stock is still rising. They will continue to tour the states with shows going through mid-July, so do not miss them.

Already having a blast, the audience were ready for the final act of the night, Dead Superstar. Founded back in 2005 by former Perseverance member Terence Keith (vocals) and Troi Mosby (bass), the band their sound joining with Matt Neydl (Guitar), Steve Cage (Guitar) and Johan de Swart (Drums). Displaying a energy level that cannot be matched, their live show is something that any Rock fan cannot afford to miss with their hard hitting songs and raw delievery. Taking a couple of years to write songs, the band would release their debut album in 2007 titling it Tribulations and continue to produce new music, tour, and build a loyal following around Long Island.

Baring it all, Keith, Mosby, Neydl and Cage stood tall at several points during the set by standing on the lights while Swart thrashed away on the drums behind them. The band played through many of their songs including “Redemption,” “Searching for the Sun,” “Crossroads,” and “Memorial,” bringing the excitement to a heightened level. Keith was hanging from the rafters and throwing his mic stand around, all while singing every word with burning passion. The energy was contagious and carried through the rest of the group, allowing each member a chance to shine. More than just music, there was an emotion to every song that Dead Superstar plays that could not be replicated. Currently taking a break to work on some new music, the band will hopefully post more tour dates in the near future.

As fans left Even Flow shortly after midnight, the frigid cold could not stop people from having conversations about the great mix of band which had performed. With all four bands bringing something different to the table, the bill had something for every kind of Rock fan. As the bands each head in their own direction, one can only hope that the four will one day meet again for another show.

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