Born of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die Alive (Album review)

Born of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die Alive (Album review)

Born-of-Osiris-2012The genre of metal music can sometimes be repetitive, depending on the artist’s creative ability. The choppy breakdowns, guitar solos, and raw vocals are common elements of this sound, but Born of Osiris steps metal music up a level with their latest release, Tomorrow We Die Alive. Being their third album with Sumerian Records, this band has continued to prove their artistic growth and ability to take risks in today’s quickly changing music industry.

Born of Osiris stays true to their killer guitar solos and sonorous, brutal screams while incorporating new ideas in Tomorrow We Die Alive that will keep their listeners riveted. In “Divergency”, electronic components draw fans in to make the track increase intensity and excitement. The sound is consistently powerful with clear-cut guitar riffs and a non-stop forceful drum beat. A haunting vibe contributes as well, and is exhibited throughout the entire album. This essence is also showcased in “The Origin”, helping that vibe become more present. Quick and staccato instruments give this track heavy metal appeal, and the electronic sound blends to make a purely fierce song.

The electronic and heavy mixture is captured again in the next track, “Mindful”, but the following song, “Exhilarate”, especially stands out on Tomorrow We Die Alive. This distinctive song has a captivating tune, commanded by the guitar and roaring vocals. These vocals are highlighted in the appealing chorus, giving the song a strong identity on this album. Another highlight of this track was its keen guitar solo, matching the song’s tone perfectly.

The eerie air in Tomorrow We Die Alive is a staple factor in “Imaginary Condition” and “Illusionist”. In “Imaginary Condition”, slaying guitar and a chugging pace gives the haunting instrumentals perfect balance. The disjointed riffs vary to become rhythmic and lingering. “Illusionist” is certainly a highlight on Tomorrow We Die Alive as well. The album’s recurring spooky presence is shown on this track uniquely. With short and heavy sounds from the guitar and vocals, “Illusionist” gets paired with cyclic, sharp guitar riffs to polish off this great track on the record.

In conclusion, Born of Osiris has taken advantage of the opportunity given with Tomorrow We Die Alive. A band’s third album is most commonly known as their “make or break” album, and Born of Osiris is obviously here to stay. Emphasizing on the favorable chilling atmosphere made, each track leaves listeners with goose bumps. Tomorrow We Die Alive can captivate all metal fans and intrigue even more with their various and diverse elements that create the sound of Born of Osiris. CrypticRock gives this album 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Sumerian Records

Sumerian Records

Written by Emma Guido

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