Boyce Avenue shine at Terminal 5 NYC w/ Curtis Peoples & Kris Allen 10-24-14

Boyce Avenue shine at Terminal 5 NYC w/ Curtis Peoples & Kris Allen 10-24-14

Boyce Avenue have created a name for themselves playing covers songs, as well as their own original material for the last ten years now.  Of Puerto Rican descent, the alternate rock band grew up in Sarasota, Florida, quickly becoming a popular starting up two YouTube channels and complying over six billion views.  Composed of three brothers, lead vocalist Alejandro, guitarist Fabian (guitar/vocals), and drummer/bassist Daniel Manzano, they instantaneously became a phenomena performing in stand-alone sold out shows and living their dreams.  As their popularity and channel grew, they have gained so many viewers and followers wanting to listen to their music. Along with so much hype and excitement, they announced and began their No Limits Tour in August 2014 visiting a variety locations including New Zealand, Australia, and North America. While touring internationally has been a blessing and gift for the band, Fabian told CrypticRock “I am excited to get on the road in the US again, New York especially.” With that said, Boyce Avenue finally  came back to New York City at Terminal 5 on Friday October 24th to perform with support of Curtis Peoples and Kris Allen.  With an audience varying in age and background, everyone was present to have a good time and enjoy some great music.  As people filled all three floors of Terminal 5, the warm feeling of joy could be felt as smiles were contiguous as the night was ready to begin.

As attendees settled in, Curtis Peoples made his way to the stage first.  Peoples is a pop artist and singer and songwriter from San Diego, California who definitely created a nice vibe to start off the evening at Terminal 5.  He has worked with well-known writers who have teamed up with big artists such as Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Lady Antebellum.  Finally getting a chance to show his own talents on tour with Boyce Avenue, Peoples came out with his acoustic,  accompanied by a keyboardist.  He performed a handful of songs including “All I Want,” “The Fight,” “Everything,” and his own acoustic version of “Bye Bye Bye.”  Getting the crowd familiar with the song involved many bands to sing with Peoples, having a great time before he closed out his set with “Everybody Loves You.”  All of these songs are on his latest album The Fight which was released in April 2013.  He definitely garnished attention from audience and made for a wonderful opening act.

Following his performance, it was time for Kris Allen to make his way on to the stage.  As a singer/ songwriter pop/rock artist Allen brings a dynamic level of music to audiences.  Born from Conway, Arkansas, he was poised to become the next big artist back in 2009 after becoming season eight winner of the hit TV show American Idol.  Sometimes considered a blessing and a curse, Allen has shed any preconceived notions audienes may have about him, establishing himself as a passionate musician.  As Allen started to play his songs, he quickly drew attention from the audience playing “Every Little Thing That You Do” and “Better with You” from his second album Thank You Camellia (2012), along with“Beautiful and Wild” from his latest album Horizons.  Active on stage, he strummed his guitar as well as dancing around using every little bit of space he had.  Joining in the crowd moved around, snapped photos, and hummed along.  Quickly taking a tight turn in his performance, Allen started to play his cover version of Sia’s hit song “Chandelier” followed by a transition into “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith which got the crowd roused and applauding.  It was definitely the peak of his performance as everyone tried to grab a few moments of video as a keepsake.  Going on to play “Monster” as well as  Magic’s “Rude”,  Allen showcased his talent by extending his voice.  In between songs, Allen conversed with the room and explained his humanitarian efforts about trying to build water well in Zambia.  It was a good testimony and he nobly asked fans to instead of buying merchandise that was available to them, to rather donate to his cause. Closing out his performance with his platinum selling single “Live like We’re Dying,” Allen had everyone  singing along with him and pondering when they would get a chance to see the singer again.

Boyce Avenue finally made their appearance and hit the stage with lots of energy mounted in Terminal 5.  Frequently interacting with the crowd, talking, telling jokes, and explaining the meaning behind some of their songs that they wrote, Boyce Avenue captivated their audience in a magnificent way.  Passionately performing their music, it was easy to tell they are proud yet humble for all their accomplishes thus far in their career.  Alternating between their original tunes, as well as cover songs, the set including such highlights as “Speed Limit,” “I Had to Cry,” “One Life,” and “I’ll Be The One” off his latest EP No Limits, as well “Hear Me Now,” and Avicci cover “Wake Me Up.”  Alejandro’s smooth voice and easy demeanor was matched by Fabian and Daniel’s instrumentation, along with drummer Jason Burrows, making their sound full and powerful all performance long.  Keeping the audience’s attention with songs they knew well, Ne-Yo’s “Because of You”, One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” and  Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars” were just some of the special moments sprinkled throughout the set.  Adding their own signature sound to the songs, Boyce Avenue’s renditions stand strong on their own and fans appeared to truly appreciate their eloquent delivery.

The set moved on to more groovy moments followed with Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven,” along with singles “One Life” and  “I’ll Be the One.”  Toward the end of their performance the audience persistently shouted “Encore!”, to which Boyce Avenue returned on stage for a couple more songs and received a standing ovation as the music dissipated.  As Boyce Avenue tours to other places around the world, their popularity will soon arise to new highs. They provide unique yet inspiring music for the NYC audience to enjoy, and while some expect just cover tunes, this band has much more to offer. Boyce Avenue has just begun and will continue to keep climbing up the charts.

Photo credit: Charles Eames Photography

Read an interview with Fabian Manzano of Boyce Avenue:

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