Brandon Boyd – Echoes & Cocoons (Album Review)

Way back in 2010 Incubus’ Brandon Boyd released his debut solo album The Wild Trapeze. Well-received by in the know Incubus followers, and dubbed unique to his work with the band, Boyd is now wandering the solo path once again in 2022 with his new album Echoes & Cocoons.

Released on March 11, 2022 via via Wit Hustle/The Orchard, Echoes & Cocoons comes 12 long years after The Wild Trapeze. Since then Boyd has worked on a few Incubus releases, a release with his other band Sons of the Sea in 2013, but nothing quite like anything heard on Echoes & Cocoons. Interested yet? Read on…

As a whole the album is very textured, artistic, and even theatrical leaning at moments. That said, if you are expecting it to sound like Incubus, you will be disappointed, so please go into it with an open mind. Consisting of 10 tracks, it launches with the single “Dime In My Dryer” which is a slightly psychedelic piece that crawls up on you, telling a story that might seem odd at first.

Thereafter you have the catchy and melodic “A Better Universe” featuring an electronic sound that adds a touch of mystery to the arrangement. Which leads us to the melancholic single “Pocket Knife” which offers a beautiful sensation, even during the darkest of times. Not to be overlooked, you also have the very intense, sobering “Two Months and a Day,” along with the smooth “More Better” spreading comfort as well as a hint of doubt and suspicion. 

Keeping the mood interesting, “Ad Infinitum” is another strong offering before the obscure “New Dark Age,” and the fittingly titled “Fly On Your Wall” which features more psychedelic undertones. This is while the single “Petrichor” offers brighter emotions, all while carrying a sense of hope, and the finale “End Of The World” sends you off with a sarcastically joyful feeling.

When it all said and done Echoes & Cocoons is an extremely interesting piece of art. It is clear Brandon Boyd has a brilliantly artistic mind and this reflects in his poetic songs. And while each song on Echoes & Cocoons has its own soul, the intensity truly coming from the music itself; thus assisting in carrying a broad spectrum of emotions which are not always clear from the onset. Definitely worth sitting down and listening to closely, if not only to solely focus on the arrangements and colorful words of Brandon Boyd, Cryptic Rock gives this trippy new album 5 out of 5 stars.

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