Brazilian Girls – Let’s Make Love (Album Review)

Brazilian Girls – Let’s Make Love (Album Review)

For all the fans that had partaken in one of many search parties out looking for New York City’s Brazilian Girls, the wait is over! After having vanished 10 years with hardly a trace, the superband are back with  Let’s Make Love on Friday, April 13, 2018 thanks to Six Degrees Records.

Initially come together back in 2003, Brazilian Girls released their self-titled debut in 2005, Talk to La Bomb in 2006, and followed with the Grammy-nominated New York City in 2008. Now, after rumors of the band breaking, and some time of inactivity in the early 2010s, Vocalist/Electronics Sabina Sciubba, Bassist/Vocalist Jesse Murphy, Keyboardist/Vocalist Didi Gutman, and Drummer/Vocalist Aaron Johnston are back with a dazzling new album.  

Produced by Frederik Rubens, Let’s Make Love was put together over the past few years, and while the members are now located in spots throughout the USA, they put in the efforts to get together whenever possible in order to write and record the material. So, without any further ado, insert disc. press play, or if you are really new school, just stream.

What is first heard? The song “Pirates,” an amazing Rock ‘n’ Pop, Dance groove that could be part Van Halen, and part The Rentals. The bass line practically steals the show here, with its catchy, bubbly-note composition strummed to a sexy drum beat being played in perfect rhythm. A vocal line demanding attention rhythmically follows suit during the verses before smoothing into this wonderfully-loud, crooning whisper during the choruses. A feature surely to entrance anyone listening between a pair of headphone speakers.

Just one of the thirteen new tracks, the second cut, “Get Out More,” is in a quick-played, 1-2-3-4 beat. It will have everyone dancing and singing along, while also being reminded of old Eurythmics records. It would be so hard not to think of the band Talking Heads and its singer, David Byrne, while listening to third track “Wild Wild Web,” which is rich in synths and sound effects. Then, “Get Stopped” is similar to the latter track, but the chorus’ vocal melody is wonderful, which has a nice Chillwave vibe to it – and a kicking keyboard solo to boot. In particular, it would perfectly complement a workout session because of its tough-like attitude, and its foot-stompin’, butt-shakin’ rhythm.

The one and only downer to Let’s Make Love is overlength. Some may argue there a few too many songs on it at 13; a tiny flaw, however, that may go unnoticed. This is especially because of standout cuts such as “Let’s Make Love,” and “Woman In The Red”—both of which sound as if they could have been included in the 1986 Comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The former has a group-vocal thing going on as the title is being repeated during the chorus, tempting the listener to join in. It is with extreme importance to give in to this temptation – for the sake of music.

Brazilian Girls would not be Brazilian Girls if not for the quartet of musicians behind its music. Sciubba has outdone herself on the new album, showcasing a stronger, more confident voice as she belts out one catchy line after the next. Her vocal-range is great, and her voice is welcoming to the ear. She channels her influences unapologetically through various vocal-ranges with ease, and with such vibrant coherency.

Furthermore, Murphy is in great form on this record with his intricate style, catchy notes, and fluid rhythm. This is while Gutman has many standout compositions throughout the each of the band’s albums, but he is also the reason why the song “Pirates” is so darned catchy. Johnston is not last nor least here, because he adds to every catchy moment on Let’s Make Love is his subtle, yet intricate drum beats, and perfect timing.

All in all, Let’s Make Love is a great album. It is a bit on the long side, but there are a lot more highs than there lows on the album. The album is bigger and better than the band’s earlier catalogue, and will surely cause wonder as to whether or not Brazilian Girls truly vanished from the music scene ten years ago. An album this good, this catchy, and full of many great musical compositions is why CrypticRock gives Brazilian Girls’ comeback album, Let’s Make Love 5 out 5 stars.

Tour Dates:
05/05 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall Of Williamsburg
05/06 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
05/09 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
05/11 San Francisco, CA – August Hall
05/12 Los Angeles, CA – El Rey Theater

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  • Stribley
    Posted at 13:53h, 19 April Reply

    Nice review, thanks!

    • Steven DeJoseph Jr.
      Posted at 02:50h, 20 April Reply

      Thank you SO much for reading it. The album is REEEEEALLLY good. And, I laughed so hard earlier because my son’s name is Gabriel! Hahaha! I wrote the actor’s name like a fool.

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