Breaking at the Edge (Movie review)

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Breaking at the Edge (Movie review)

Breaking at the Edge is the latest film from Yugoslavian Director Predrag AKA Peter Antonijevic (Savior 1998, Little Murder 2011), Storywriter Jake Kennedy (Days of Darkness 2007, Backtrack 2012), and Screenplay Writer Nissar Modi.

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Still from “Breaking at the Edge”

Bianca Ward (Rebecca Da Costa – Freerunner 2011, 7 Below 2012) is a seemingly happy and attractive woman, happily married, and five months pregnant with their baby.  Her husband Ian (Milo Ventimiglia – Rocky Balboa 2006, That’s My Boy 2012), who works as a car salesman to make ends meet, is excited for the birth of their baby.  While remaining excited, he is also concerned for his wife’s mental health after several miscarriages that she struggled to cope with, resulting in her institutionalization.  Some time after, Bianchi recovered enough to attempt another pregnancy. Optimistic but cautious, she has grave concerns for her own psychological well being, as does her doctor, Doctor Ghozland (Andie MacDowell – Groundhog Day 1993, Mighty Fine 2012), who is determined to see her pregnancy through and deliver a healthy baby.

One day after a long day at work, Ian comes home to find a letter regarding his late father’s Will. Finally found, he and his brother Zack (Johnathon Schaech – That Thing You Do 1996, Prom Night 2008) discover they have inherited their father’s entire estate and after probate has been granted, they will both be rich. Keep in mind, neither Ian nor Zack have ever spoken of their childhood which adds mystery to the story.  Hearing of the discovery, Bianca is happy for the prospect of meeting Zack’s girlfriend Lorena (Brianne Davis- Jarhead 2005, Prom Night 2008, American Virgin 2009), hoping to make friends to combat her loneliness with Ian out at work all day.

Not long after Ian receives the happy news about the Will, Bianca starts hearing voices and sees a young woman with wet hair almost everywhere she goes. In fact, the young woman appears to be stalking Bianca and wishes to cause her or her baby harm. Bianca expresses her concerns to Ian who dismisses it at first. Later when she claims that the girl was in their home, with no evidence of such, Ian starts to believe that Bianca is starting to lose her grip on reality again.

breaking at the edge - Breaking at the Edge (Movie review)
Still from “Breaking at the Edge”

Bianca stops taking her prescribed medication, so even she doubts her sanity. When the girl becomes more vocal and even physical, Bianca realizes the threat may be supernatural and not physical, but given her past, who would believe her? It seems there is nowhere for her to turn. Once the girl stalking her shows up as a missing person on the news as Sarah (Logan Browning- Bratz 2007, Hit the Floor 2013), the girls murder starts feeling threatening, resulting in Bianca having a new fear.

As deadline to find Sarah draws closer, Bianca’s grip on reality becomes more fragile.  Her Doctor and Ian talk of hospitalizing her, which would prevent her from communicating with Sarah’s ghost, making the present danger to her and her unborn child heightened.  What is Bianca to do when the killer seems to be closer to home than she could have fathomed? What if she is to survive all this alone?

Breaking at the Edge has a similar feeling to The Seventh Sign (1988) starring Demi Moore.  With impeccable acting and a stellar cast, Breaking at the Edge shows a great deal of depth, and the character of Bianca has both a delicacy and fragility that makes viewers feel like they want to help her, but on the same token, when pushed to the limit, she displays great strength and determination. This is a fabulous thriller/horror with lots of action, suspense, twists, and turns.  CrypticRock give this movie 5 out of 5.

breaking poster - Breaking at the Edge (Movie review)
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