Bring Him Back Dead (Movie Review)

When thinking of a heist movie, most turn to 1995’s The Usual Suspects or 2003’s The Italian Job. Most also make the assumption that it is going to be epic and filled with a lot of action. However, not all Heist films are exactly the same. That in mind, on August 2, 2022 Uncork’d Entertainment release the film Bring Him Back Dead.

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The work of Australian born Filmmaker Mark Savage (Purgatory Road 2017, Painkiller 2021), the story follows a heist gone wrong while one of the members flees with the loot and the rest are sent out to hunt him down to “bring him back dead.” With the story is in the title, it might sound like an action-packed, adrenaline rush, but in reality it is a quintessential B-rated movie. With the screenplay done by Jeff Miller (Hellblock 13 1999, Dolls 2019), the story actually would make for a great movie if it was executed properly.

When it comes to a heist movie, viewers want action, thrills and edge of their seat movement. Yet, the cinematography with Bring Him Back Dead does not work so well. For example, most fight scenes are layered with tons of movement; not only from the characters, but from the camera as well. As far as other aspects of a heist movie, most importantly is the heist planning and prepping. This usually has a long narrative or visual telling of how the heist is to go down, but sadly Bring Him Back Dead has only a small scene with not much breakdown of the heist itself.

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Which leads us to the cast. You have your main characters the head honcho named Trent (Louis Mandylor: Necessary Roughness 1991, Blowback 2022), the so called betrayer Alex (Gary Daniels: Rage 1995, Tekken 2010), and Trent’s daughter Lisa (Katie Keene: Clowntown 2016, Future Lies 2018) which are decent enough. That in mind, the connections are not all there and the interactions between each character is a little flawed. In many ways it almost feels as if the cast did not even try to make the connections with their own characters and this is essential for any film.  Although, the news is not all bad with Bring Him Back Dead because the plot twists are definitely not foreseeable; even though there are four or five of them by the end. 

Unfortunately Bring Him Back Dead misses the mark on many levels. The story itself is alright, but the film could have been much better. All these things including Daniel Baldwin’s (Grimm series, Hawaii Five-0 series) appearance as Boothe, just makes for a not so hot film. That is why Cryptic Rock gives Bring Him Back Dead 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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