Britney Spears – Glory (Album Review)

glory slide - Britney Spears - Glory (Album Review)

Britney Spears – Glory (Album Review)

britney clumsy compressed - Britney Spears - Glory (Album Review)

Britney Spears – International Pop icon, Dancer, and Actress – is someone who has spent a great deal of her life in the spotlight. Already a Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-winning star, Spears is one of the most successful and celebrated entertainers in Pop history with nearly 100 million records sold worldwide. In the U.S. alone, she has sold more than 70 million albums, singles, and songs, according to Nielsen Music. Born in Mississippi and raised in Louisiana, it all began for Spears with 1998’s hit single “…Baby One More Time,” followed up by 2000’s “Oops! I Did It Again,” and many more. Since then, Spears has sustained growing pains, and now a mature adult, she continues to make an impact with the release of her ninth studio album, Glory, on August 26, 2016. Released via RCA Records, the album hit #3 on the US Billboard 200 charts, selling 111,000 units the first week, proving Spears is still very relevant almost two decades into her career.

Starting out with “Invitation,” Spears offers a smooth, mellow sound that eases the listener into a relaxing mood. Complemented by angelic synth-driven production with a dreamy effect, the track depicts a girl inviting a guy into a relationship and loving each other. Next comes “Make Me…,” the album’s debut hit single featuring G-Eazy. Premiering on VEVO prior to the album’s release, the track can be described as a smooth, mid-tempo R&B feel. Co-written and produced by Spears, it explains sexual satisfaction, telling listeners she is looking for someone to make a move.

Moving forward, “Private Show” is a very scandalous song that involves a guy in a strip club getting a private show. Laced with organs, it has a soulful and energetic vibe. Then, “Man on the Moon” utilizes Space and imagery to create a scene of Spears finding her lost love. She uses a metaphor of “man on the moon,” referring to someone far away. A more deep and intimate song, “Just Luv Me” sees Spears asking a potential love interest to be patient with her. Quite affectionate, she expresses despite her brokenness and wrongdoing, to simply love her no matter what, period. Following is the album’s second single, “Clumsy.” A high volume song, it describes a couple making love and having a good time, making it a sassy and sexy piece no doubt designed to get one’s libido going.

Marching along, third album single “Do You Wanna Come Over?” sends off mixed signals of emotional or physical needs while being driven by guitar and a club style beat. Thereafter, “Slumber Party” describes Spears partaking in slumber party activities, but more in the order of a mature night together. Containing dreamy and pulsing synths, it lays a sexy sound throughout. Changing it up some, “Just Like Me” features an acoustic and airy sound explaining discovering of her man’s infidelities with a woman that looks just like her. Contrasting in emotion, “Love Me Down” has swag and a confident vibe that implies her wanting be intimate, rather than fighting and talking. This is before the even more sensual, hot cut “Hard to Forget Ya” that tells the tale of a woman remembering about a guy and all of his qualities.

Picking up the pace, “What You Need” is a faster song dressed with organ and trumpets while explaining that the woman has everything the guy needs and her level of confidence is on cloud 9. While on the standard addition the prior track would be the conclusion of Glory, the deluxe edition contains five additional tracks. Continuing on, “Better” talks about her telling the guy that everything is much better if they open up to each other in a relationship. Following next,“Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)” features a little of a Latino flavor and it is a echoing sexual energized track. Right after, “Liar” is a rhythmic and somewhat Rock leaning track. “If I’m Dancing” gives the listener a marching band sound, heavy on the percussion, before “Coupure Électrique”  wraps up the album on an exotica note.

If there was one word that sums Glory from Britney Spears, it would be “surprising.” That is because 2013’s Britney Jean did not receive much praise from critics as she focused more on break-up ballads, not exactly her strength, and what some would consider out of her comfort zone. With Glory, she returns to a fizzy Electro Pop sound, something that Spears excels in. Go ahead and take a bow Britney Spears, job well done. CrypticRock gives Glory 4 out of 5 stars.

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