Bryan Adams – Get Up (Album Review)

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A legend amongst musicians, the Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams is back in the record players and stores in 2015. As one of the top-selling Rock artists of the last three plus decades, Adams has put out some of the most recognized Rock anthems still spun on radio stations daily. Adapting to times, but doing it his own way, Adams raspy vocals, but sensitive lyrics have made for a combination music listeners of all ages are drawn to. While he put out the compelling cover record Tracks of My Years in 2014, Adams has not put out a full-length record of original songs since 2008’s 11. Celebrating the thirty-fifth anniversary of his debut self-titled record in 2015, it seems almost fitting he return with the brand new album Get Up. Released on October 2nd via Universal Music, Adams’ thirteenth album sounds like one he could have also released ten or even twenty years ago. Teaming up with long-time songwriting partner Jim Vallance and Electric Light Orchestra’s Jeff Lynne for production, Get Up is clean of all fancy add-ons that music includes these days, making it a compelling listen.

Opening up Get Up is “You Belong To Me,” a fast and thriving song where the guitar is always in the focus, as well as the amazing vocals. The chorus gets the listener to tap along to the rhythm at least, and no one will be able to resist the positive vibes the cut spreads. The album continues with the loud and catchy song “Go Down Rockin’ ,” a song that could also have been released one or two decades ago. The track has a typical Bryan Adams sound that the fans love and will unquestionably be one of the favorites of the album.

Slowing things down, “We Did It All” is a more thoughtful piece with beautiful lyrics. It is a heartbreaking story wrapped in catchy melodies that gets the listeners to sway along as the pain and memories of Adams’ past are captured in lyrics and the musical arrangement. Faster and more upbeat, “That’s Rock and Roll” is a song that animates the listeners to clap and sing along to not only the chorus, but also the bridges and sometimes even the verses. It can be viewed as a love song to Rock-n-Roll, which again carries the true love and passion in the vocals and melodies. Then there is “Don’t Even Try,” which is a little slower in the pace as the beat is in the focus and the lyrics are honest, coming from the heart. It is an impressive song that takes the listeners on a journey almost like a short film that is created in the listener’s mind by only the song itself. “Do What Ya Gotta Do” also includes the typical eighties sound. With synthesizers and backing vocals, this song is almost like a time travel. Another brilliant and absolutely catchy track that will get everyone moving is “Thunderbolt,” which will bring out the old dance moves in every listener. Like the previous track, it spread a lot of joy and laughter, bring up memories, and creates good times. “Yesterday Was Just A Dream” is a more mellow song with deep lyrics that relax the listener. Thereafter is “Brand New Day,” which is a little up beat again, bringing the good vibes back and tells another story of Adams’ life. It is a great one to wake up to or gather new energy for the rest of the day.

Get Up then takes a turn to the acoustic side of the spectrum with four songs. Recorded with only an acoustic guitar, “Don’t Even Try – Acoustic” is a slow and sad song, sadder than with the full band in support. The acoustic arrangement adds some depth to the emotions the lyrics carry. In this arrangement, the song is heartbreaking and almost tragic. Then, “We Did It All – Acoustic” has almost the same effect as the previous acoustic version. It appears more somber than the full band rendition, but it also carries more hope and could also be understood as a love song; an ode and a thank you for the loved one. Still catchy and thriving, “You Belong To Me – Acoustic” pulls the listener along. Almost like a Western or a Country song, this song is one that can be played at all times and for all occasions. Just as thriving and hopeful, “Brand New Day – Acoustic” tells the story of Johnny. It is simply breathtaking and an amazing closing for Get Up.

Get Up is a brilliant new album of Adams. The four acoustic versions are beautiful and create a familiar atmosphere. During a listening session, one could close their eyes and feel like Adams is sitting in their living room performing the tracks right in front of them. Overall, it is a very heartfelt record; wonderful for the Winter season. CrypticRock gives Get Up 5 out of 5 stars.


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