Buckcherry Celebrates 15 At The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY 9-16-16 w/ Sons of Texas

Buckcherry Celebrates 15 At The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY 9-16-16 w/ Sons of Texas

It is often said in life that things are always darkest before the dawn. A proverb many Rock-n-Roll bands more than likely know, California’s Buckcherry saw their journey seemingly halted upon their dismantlement in 2002. Coming a year after the commercial let down of 2001’s Timebomb, the band’s devout fanbase had thought they had seen the last of the promising Rock band. Then, to the surprise of many, 2005 saw the reformation of Buckcherry, but not only a reformation, a rebirth with the release of 15. A record that surpassed their impressive self-titled 1999 debut, 15, to this day, remains Buckcherry’s most commercial successful album. It is not too often a Rock band is given second life in this dog-eat-dog world, but Buckcherry has made the most of their second chance. In fact, they have kept the pedal to the metal since, dishing out album after album, with their most recent being 2015’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. Proving hard work and a family-like rapport with fans pays off much more than a record labels bottom-line, Buckcherry continue to do what they do best, tour and tour some more.

Naturally, with the US release of 15 celebrating its 10th anniversary this past April 11th, an album anniversary tour would be fitting, warranted, and champed by fans. A tour adjoined by a forthcoming re-released, deluxe edition of the album featuring exciting, exclusive content, the shows kicked off September 2nd with dates featuring Candlebox as well as Sons of Texas. Quite a solid lineup, on the eve of Friday the 16th, Buckcherry made a special visit up to The Chance in Poughkeepsie, New York with Sons of Texas along with local acts Retrofeelya and HYGD. An event for locals, the last time Buckcherry played The Chance last November, the venue sold out. With expectations high for the same to happen again, fans quickly snatched up tickets to the former playhouse by any means necessary as excitement blared through the jam-packed room, ready for some high-octane Rock-n-Roll.

Getting the night started on the right foot, Poughkeepsie based, up and coming act Retrofeelya unveiled their new EP, Non-Stop, to a huge amount of hype, leading to the fans chanting their name. Meanwhile, next came Highland New York’s modern Hard Rock band HYNGD, which reveled in playing in front of an amped-up room. All in all, both acts pumped up the crowd to new levels before the headlining acts took to the stage.

With the table set, the time had come for Texas’ Sons of Texas to make their way to the stage. Those not completely sold on the idea that everything is bigger in Texas, look no further than this Southern-tingling Metal band comprised of Vocalist Mark Morales, Drummer Mike Villarreal, Bassist Nick Villarreal, as well as Guitarists Jon Olivares and Jes De Hoyos. The five men came together in 2013 with one goal, to serve up their Texas-sized portions of Rock music to the masses. Unleashing their debut, full-length, Baptized in the Rio Grande, in 2015 via Razor & Tie, it made an impact on Rock charts, and now the band continue to tour in its support.

As their name implies, Sons of Texas take their southern upbringing seriously and it shows in every chord, lyric, and drum beat. Hitting the stage, they opened their set with “Never Bury the Hatchet,” and the hard-hitting nature of the band was immediately felt. Inspiring fans to bang their heads, they showcased an older song, entitled “Piss in the Wind.” Keeping the energy high, they went into other tracks such “The Vestryman” and “September.” An all-out assault of heavy Rock, “Blameshift” saw Morales taking a knee at the edge of the stage to survey the excited crowd. Showing no signs of slowing down, capitalizing on their direct supporting slot, they rattled the room some more during “Slam with the Lights On” and “Cold, Cruel and Content” before delivering the final blow with “Texas Trim.”

Now a over a year since its release, Baptized in the Rio Grande is the quintessential album for those in need of raising hell. As for Sons of Texas’ live performance, they give it all and then some. Playing alongside Buckcherry once this run comes to an end, the band plans to unleash overseas with shows in Japan and the UK in October and November. Much like their home-state, the group is larger than life and set to be stars.

Already having their spleens handed to them on a dish from Sons of Texas, as Buckcherry took to the stage, The Chance was as loud as ever. Knowing, going in, that the night was in fact a celebration of 15, fans had a good idea the setlist may have a heavy hand offering of the album. Quite exciting within itself, since it is perhaps some fans’ favorite Buckcherry album, after a quick huddle at center-stage to pump themselves up, the group took their positions and kicked right into “Sunshine.” All having a great time, enjoying the moment, Todd shook a tambourine while singing along with the crowd as they jammed into “Brooklyn” and “Broken Glass.” Taking it all in, fans danced and bounced around as guitar solos reigned supreme, moving into the more mellow “Out of Line” before the beautiful “Everything” and always bold moment, “Next 2 You.”

Keeping with the 15 theme, the remorseful love hit “Sorry” came before “Onset,” and then everyone’s eyes lit up instantly to the opening chords of big hit “Crazy Bitch.” Quickly picking up on the audience’s enthusiasm, Todd led them into the opening lines, letting them take full control while he danced on stage. As the song ended, only 15 cuts remained unplayed, it was the almost Country Rock leaning “Carousel.” Playing the album in a shuffled order, front to back, luckily for fans it did not mark the end of the night as Buckcherry offered a few more tricks. After doling out a rendition of “Tight Pants,” Todd smirked and told everyone to come see him and the band at the merchandise booth following their set. This is when he promised they would be signing autographs on shirts, albums, and adult toys, which sold out by night’s end by the way. With that, they closed out with their signature “Lit Up” before keeping to their word to meet up with their fans for a friendly meet and greet.

The 15th Anniversary Tour is just the start for the band’s celebration of the album’s decade old release. As stated, the album will be made available on vinyl for the first time next month, alongside with a deluxe CD reissue that will include never before seen bonus material. The decade since the release of 15 has certainly treated Buckcherry better, but it cannot be overlooked that this band is also looking towards the future. Fans can always rest assure there will be more to cheer about from Buckcherry, because they live, breath, and eat Rock-n-Roll.

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  • Pat Ferris
    Posted at 09:53h, 16 October Reply

    You guys put on a great show at The Chance in Poughkeepsie. You probably should have done a meet and greet as Hynged and sons of Texas did. It was nice talking with all those guys. But all in all The Chance I’m sure will gladly welcome you to come back. Please do come back. My neighbor is a big fan. She didn’t get to see you. No better place than The Chance.
    Good luck and take care… P.F.

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