Buckcherry – Fuck (Album Review)

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Formed in 1995, Buckcherry are the definition of an American, working class, Rock-n-Roll band.  After a brief hiatus, vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson reconfigured in 2005 with a fresh line-up that included guitarist Stevie D. and drummer Xavier Muriel. The band added bassist Kelly LeMieux in 2013. Spending most of their time on the road playing to their dedicated fans, Buckcherry has also managed to pump out four new records since their reformation, including 2013s concept album, Confessions.  Now in 2014, they conjure up a new and different concept EP.  Rather than devise a story around a theme, this time they are putting together six tracks of attitude centered around every adult’s favorite profanity, “Fuck.”  So those offended by the F-word, beware – Buckcherry use it rather excessively in their latest offering, but honestly, fans should not be so prudish here.

The EP opens with “Someone Fucked with Me,” a pulsing, driven track, highlighted by guitar, bass and the trademark vocals of Todd. Heavy and well rounded, its expressive lyrics grip the mind. Next is “Say Fuck It,” a vibrant parody of Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” complete with unique riffs and steady drums. It is a rocking, wild track with a unique twist. “The MotherFucker” is a deep, dark composition with bold lyrics and fast, erratic drums. The vocals are melodic and stoic, complementing the alternatively paced layers of this track. Mixing the mood up, “I Don’t Give a Fuck” is a laid back song with deep bass tones, a slower guitar, and is highlighted by the use of a washboard. It is smooth and different, with a heavy solo emphasizing the bridge and Muriel’s drums kick in with a potent emphasis, stabilizing the track. “It’s a Fucking Disaster” starts as a slow ballad that showcases the talents of the Muriel/Todd duo, before a rough and wild guitar solo that kicks the tempo up into high gear. The track slows down for an emotional verse before speeding up once more, showing the delightful complexity of Buckcherry’s talents. The EP closes with the track “Fist Fuck,” an insane frenzy, reminiscent of 90s punk with prominent bass and loud, harsh vocals.  It is certainly a memorable, well-composed song, once again displaying the diversity of this band. This track closes out with a short but sweet release and an amazing bang.

Buckcherry is no stranger to rock. They know the ins and outs of their genre and this album showcases their exploration and diversity. Learning and growing with every endeavor, they retain a fresh, indulgent sound that so many have come to love. This EP is a must for anyone who loves Buckcherry and profanity. CrypticRock give this EP 4 out of 5 stars.

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