Buckcherry lights up The Paramount Huntington, NY 12-15-14

buckcherry the paramount slide 12 15 14 - Buckcherry lights up The Paramount Huntington, NY 12-15-14

Buckcherry lights up The Paramount Huntington, NY 12-15-14

When Buckcherry reformed in 2005, the mission was clear: come back bigger and better than ever before. Originally formed in 1995 in Anaheim, California, the group developed a local following under the name Sparrow.  The band later went on to change their name to Buckcherry and released their self-titled debut album on Dreamworks in 1999 to much praise. The album went to certified gold and included a list of Rock radio hits. Following this success, the band went on tour nearly non-stop for the next few years, then released Time Bomb a year before dissolving in 2002.  Three years later, the time was right for original vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson to reunite and reformed the band with new members. One year later, they released the album 15, and their resurrection was proved a success as the record went platinum. Since then, the band have not looked back, releasing their fourth album, Black Butterfly, in 2008, All Night Long in 2010, their concept record Confessions in 2013, and currently are promoting their 2014 EP, titled Fuck.  No stranger to the Long Island, New York region of the U.S.A., Buckcherry returned to the comfortable confines of The Paramount in Huntington Village on Monday, December 15th, proving that rock gods, in fact, do exist!

The night began with Saviour, a local band from Franklin Square, New York, who brought the audience back to the head banging days of classic Metal. Saviour boasts an impressive thirty year span in the metal scene and their style and flair certainly match their originating era. Saviour is comprised of Pete Maglia (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Steve Mullinax (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Paul Duthil (Guitar/Vocals), and Pete Zumbuto (Drums). With guitar solos greeting people as they entered the Paramount, Saviour’s time on stage would set the tone for rest of the evening.

Next up was another Long Island band by the name of American Ice Age. Originally called simply Ice Age, this Hardcore Punk Rock band captivated the crowd with their impassioned sound and lively stage antics. American Ice Age is comprised of Jeff Tiu (vocals), Chris Mazella (guitar), Rick Jimenez (guitar), Tom Wood (bass), and Chris Gleason (drums). Opening on stage in matching American Ice Age jackets, the band caught the crowd’s attention with amazing tracks such as “Vandetta Kind of Mood,” “Crooked Numbers,” and “Wolves.” Perhaps equally as impressive are the stories behind the members, including Tiu being a doctor and  Gleason being a nuclear medicine technician. American Ice Age’s follow-up to 2010’s Dead Kings, titled MMXIII, is available now on their website, with the buyer deciding on the price to pay for the music.

When Buckcherry took front and center, the crowd erupted with enthusiasm as the first chords to “Lit Up” were strummed. Guitarists Stevie D. and Keith Nelson, followed by bassist Kelly LeMieux, were the first to emerge out of the shadows. They were soon followed by Xavier Muriel on drums, and lastly, Josh Todd came prancing out onto the stage, and the energy in the room took on a life of its own. That undeniably electrifying spark would not dwindle as the night progressed and continued to enthrall the audience. Buckcherry kept the crowd high with their performances of “I Don’t Give a Fuck” and “Next to You,” but there was also a real passion in the air when Todd’s raspy and soulful voice belted out the softer ballads, such as “Sorry” and rare live performance of “For the Movies.” The rest of the band was not to be forgotten, as each member showcased their talents in respective solos during the performance of arguably their greatest hit, “Crazy Bitch,” which would close out their main set.  After a quick recess, Buckcherry approached the stage again for an encore, opening with a surprisingly catchy cover of Icono Pop’s “I Love It,” but instead making it their version of “Say Fuck It.”  As the crowd sang along the chorus line, they continued to move as the set closed out with “Too Drunk” and accepting the gracious thanks by the band for coming out.

Buckcherry are a pure Rock-n-Roll band through and through.  Their dedication to the road is extremely commendable, and judging by the the enthusiasm of fans, no one is growing tired of seeing the band live.  Perhaps that is because they continue to bring the same love for what they do to the stage every time and are very good at mixing up their song selection.   The band seduced the audience in a flourish of attitude, sex appeal, and pure raw talent.  Staying true to who they are, Buckcherry will be on the road for plenty of more shows throughout 2015 to satisfy fans primitive Rock urges.


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