Bush Captivate The Paramount Huntington, NY 5-5-16 w/ The Dose

Bush Captivate The Paramount Huntington, NY 5-5-16 w/ The Dose

Back in the ’90s, Rock radio was dominated by Alternative Rock and Grunge bands, and one which attained heavy airplay was England’s own Bush. Bush’s music first surfaced in 1994 when they released their first album, titled Sixteen Stone, and out of the twelve songs, five of them became hit singles. The fact that so many songs on a debut album could become chart-toppers truly demonstrated just how talented the band was from the beginning. Even today, though not as frequently as in the past, one can still catch some of these tracks being spun on many Alternative Rock stations.

Proving not to be a one-hit wonder, Bush sustained success with 1996’s Razorblade Suitcase going triple platinum in the US and quintuple platinum in Canada. Then, following up with The Science of Things in 1999 and Golden State in 2001, Bush cemented themselves as one of the most successful Rock bands of the ’90s. Unfortunately, it seemed to be the end of an era for the band because soon after, in 2002, Bush decided to break up after having been together for a solid ten years. Luckily for the fans, Vocalist/Guitarist Gavin Rossdale brought Bush back together in 2010. Rested and inspired, Rossdale brought in a new lineup featuring Drummer Robin Goodridge, Lead Guitarist Chris Traynor, and Bassist Corey Britz as they played shows, and in 2011 released the comeback record The Sea of Memories.

A welcomed return to the Rock scene, Bush brought into the charts once again and continued to tour around the world before releasing Man on the Run, dubbed one of Rossdale’s strongest efforts. Now a little over a year since Man on the Run dropped, Bush continue to tour, and in February announced plans for a tour across the USA. Beginning in Miami, Florida, they traveled up North from there and recently found themselves in Huntington, New York at The Paramount on Thursday May 5th. This would be a special show not only for fans, but The Paramount and Bush as well. It was just five short years ago The Paramount opened their doors and Bush was one of the first big acts to grace the stage back on October 11, 2011. That show sold out, and with Bush’s return, a packed crowd sold out the venue once more.

Opening for Bush was a two-man Grunge-influenced band by the name of The Dose. Consisting of Guitarist/Vocalist Indio Downey and Drummer Ralph Alexander, both are originally from Los Angeles, California. Initially a trio, the The Dose soon became a duo following the unforeseen circumstances that found them having to perform as a two-piece live. Realizing that their creativity would best be developed as a duo, The Dose went on to craft new and original music they could call all their own. In addition, Downey and Alexander recently released their debut EP as of April 8th and pleasantly find themselves on a handful of dates supporting Bush.

Coming out to an eager crowd, Downey had both an appearance and vocal range similar to that of the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Seeming confident and comfortable on stage, he and Alexander rocked through a set of original music that was filled with catchy melodies. Performing tracks like their single “Cold Hands,” The Dose was an excellent choice as an opening act, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy their music. While Downey and Alexander may seem young, they also appear to have been inspired by bands that came way before them. Be sure to check them out live and pick up the EP that people are raving to be a beautiful surprise.

About twenty minutes after The Dose had finished, Bush’s stage hands signaled they were ready to go, and as the lights dimmed, the crowd let out a roar. Wasting no time to get the crowd super pumped, Rossdale and company rocked out the ever so popular “Everything’s Zen” as their introduction before newer song “Just Like My Other Sins.” Rossdale, originally coming out wearing a gray button down shirt, quickly thereafter, as “The Chemicals Between Us” started to play, he took it off revealing a ’90s inspired, grunge style outfit of patched up Dockers with a white t-shirt full of holes.

Exciting the room, Rossdale’s vocals were dead on throughout the show and were frequently complemented by Britz for the choruses of several songs as they moved forward with “The Sound of Winter,” “Greedy Fly,” and “Mouth,” just to name a few. Meanwhile, Lead Axeman Traynor had a ton of energy as he encouraged the crowd to participate with his great stage presence and a very fan-friendly persona. His smiles and constant acknowledgment of the spectators on the floor, as well as the balcony above, demonstrated his appreciation for those who came out to see the show. Though not up front in the spotlight, Goodridge definitely kept the beat on point and the energy up behind the kit as well. Instrumentally, the band members played their hearts out from the first song through the last.

About halfway through the show, Rossdale himself thanked everyone for attending the show and expressed how happy he was to be back at The Paramount once again. He proclaimed, “I see all of you.” Then, all of a sudden, bright lights came on throughout the venue, making it easier for him to actually see all of the faces of his fans. The lights stayed on as the band performed their hit song “Swallowed ,” and everyone beamed with excitement. In effect, it made the fans feel as if they were part of the show. They sang along extra loudly and passionately knowing that the band was watching them. Capitalizing on the adrenaline flowing, Bush offered up more Man on the Run cuts such as “Bodies in Motion” and album lead single “The Only Way Out.” The new tracks meshed well between the older ones and the audience kept moving and singing along.

Surprising many, “Insect Kin” would be the first experience many had ever heard the song live. Seldom played since its release back in 1996, it was welcomed to the set, which had more to come. Speaking of surprises, thereafter Rossdale decided to get as close to his fans as possible. To do this, he got off of the stage and literally put himself into the crowd! He walked throughout the entire venue singing to and smiling at individual fans. This occurred for the duration of fan-favorite “Little Things.” With everyone screaming and going absolutely wild, even as female fans touching and grabbing him, he remained calm, cool, as well as collected, and finished the song without missing a word. An electrifying personal experience, it is not everyday that a lead singer strives to connect with their fans on such a level.

Other well-known songs playing in the lineup included “Machine Head” before a cover of Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime.” A popular track from the New Wave band, Bush did an excellent rendition and it was something completely out of their typical Alternative Rock style as they demonstrated their ability to diversify their sound while still sounding amazing. They followed this with two more of their hits including “Glycerine” and “Come Down” to conclude the evening. Knowing the end was drawing near, as soon as the first of the two tracks began, the crowd was prompted to sing along to every word. Then, with “Come Down,” Bush started off with an elongated instrumental intro, which really set the mood for this song. It was the perfect way to end the night since it was one of the songs that made fans fall in love with them in the first place back in 1994.

Throughout the show, Bush did a great job of mixing old and new tracks. It was evident that they wanted to please the crowd by making the majority of the lineup popular, well-known songs, but also mixed in a good portion of new material. In all, the audience devoured the experience and were happy to see Bush return to Long Island. Now Bush will be continuing their tour, with select dates including Chevelle, throughout the summer well into the month of August with their last stop being in Baltimore, Maryland. Those who missed this special show at The Paramount may want to think of going down to one of the dates throughout the summer to experience Bush.

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