Calabrese – Born With A Scorpion’s Touch (Album review)

calabrese slide - Calabrese - Born With A Scorpion's Touch (Album review)

Calabrese – Born With A Scorpion’s Touch (Album review)

calabrese photo - Calabrese - Born With A Scorpion's Touch (Album review)

Hailing from the desert of Phoenix Arizona comes underground rock band Calabrese.  With a sound that can bring all subcultures together, this band puts the best of horror movies, punk rock, and gothic rock all together. The three Calabrese brothers consist of Jimmy (Bass/Vocals), Bobby (Guitar/Vocals) and Davey (Drums) beginning the band back in 2003.  Supporting a variety of big name acts like Misfits, Franz Ferdinand, and Wednesday 13 to name a few, the band has built a big following for themselves over the course of  five full length albums.  Now rising again in 2014, the band unleashes their newest album titled Born With A Scorpion’s Touch.

“American Rebel Death Riders” is the first track on the album providing a great introduction for new listeners, and the perfect way to greet their loyal fans. Hard and heavy, the best way to describe the sound would be speed demon perfectly mixing heavy metal and punk rock.  On the track “Loner at Heart”, the band takes you right into the pit; combining a fast, similar to psychobilly sound, with hard hitting punk rock riffs, and perfectly synced vocals make this a recommended go-to track. Songs like “Only the Dead Know My Name” and their single “I Wanna Be a Vigilante” prove the point that you do not need to create a pop song to be catchy. The latter track is reminiscent of their influences such as Danzig Era Misfits and The Ramones.  However, while the song shows strong influence from these classic punk acts, it is executed in such a way to sound cleaner and updated for 2014.  Moving along, the track “At Night I Am the Warmest” has a great meld of an up-tempo sound while remaining dirty.  The song “Riding With the Living Dead” shows off the brother’s incredible array of vocal styling.  The same can also be said for the impeccable track “Mindwarp” which exemplifies exactly what Calabrese can do with their talents.

Let’s face it, it can be a bit hard to please rock fans at times, but a band like Calabrese offers many sounds that can do so. They have the ability to lay out incredible vocals along with interesting rock guitars. A band that has everything in place like this can be pretty pleasing on the ear drums.  Furthermore, the Calabrese brothers have managed to grow and mature as a band with Born With A Scorpion’s Touch. The album creates a tighter sound while keeping a lot of the original influence heard on their first full length 13 Halloweens (2005). Calabrese stays true to the sound of rock-n-roll and give fans something engaging and different. CrypticRock gives Born With A Scorpion’s Touch 4.5 out 5 stars.

calabrese cover - Calabrese - Born With A Scorpion's Touch (Album review)

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