Candlelight Red burns bright with “Reclamation” (Album review)

Candlelight Red burns bright with “Reclamation” (Album review)

Color2013StephanieCabral Candlelight Red are a hard rock band on the rise. The band’s 2011 debut album The Wreckage was ear catching and opened the eyes of many new fans. With such songs such as the title track “The Wreckage”, “The Dirt” and their energetic cover of Roxette’s “She’s Got The Look” the album was a solid debut with a lot to offer. Continuous touring landed the band a spot on the 2012 Uproar festival furthering exposing what they have to offer to a larger audience. At the same time the band had released the EP Demons. An excellent set of 4 tracks to wet the whistle of current and new fans. Eager to see where they’d go from here the band wasted no time and released their sophomore album Reclamation this month.

Reclamation is a progression for Candlelight Red. Further developing their sound and polishing their song writing skills. This is clear from the first track “Reflecting”. The dark melody leading into a heavy ass kicking chorus makes for a great track. This could possibly be one of the heaviest tracks the band has done in many aspects. “Broken Glass” is another heavy track musically and lyrically. Vocalist Ryan Hoke takes his singing to a higher level exploring the highs, lows, and belting out emotional screams. Guitarist Jeremy Edge provides excellent riffs and a killer solo on this track. “Life As We Know It” starts out with a thrash like riff swiftly transitioning into a dark moody melodic track. One might even say the band has taken some goth metal elements into their music further adding texture to their sound. This is possibly the best track on the album. “Requiem” is a heart pumping track. Hoke’s aggressive vocal attack and lyrics questions what drives us in life and what we feel happiness is. “Like A Disease” is another aggressive track with a thick guitar sound and a balance of clean and screaming vocals. “Control” is a song sure to get your adrenaline pumping with its heavy guitars and throbbing bass line. Mixed into the album are the 4 killer tracks from the Demons EP. The song “Demons” is powerful and intense which compliments this already impressive set of tracks.

Candlelight Red continue to impress and are making many new fans along the way. They have matured as a band since The Wreckage and are tighter as a unit than ever. This album is stellar start to finish with the generous balance of melody, aggression, and raw emotion. Lyrically soulful and musically deeper than your average hard rock album. In a scene saturated with cookie cutter bands, Candlelight Red are pious to stand out above the rest with Reclamation. Cryptic Rock give this album 5 out of 5 stars.


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