Catch Hell (Movie Review)

catch hell slide - Catch Hell (Movie Review)

Catch Hell (Movie Review)

Catch Hell is the latest Horror Action movie to be released by PalmStar Entertainment and Twisted Pictures on November 20th, 2014. Written and directed by Ryan Phillippe (I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997, Cruel Intentions 1999), Catch Hell tells the story of Reagan Pearce, aptly played by Phillippe.  Pearce  is a washed up Hollywood actor, grasping at any work that comes up in the hope of a resurgence in his career. At the encouragement of his agent, Tim (Russ Russo: Changing Faces 2001, Donner Pass 2012), Reagan finds himself travelling to Shreveport, Louisiana to meet with a director of a new film he has little details about. The morning after he arrives he is picked up early by a different driver than the day before. Despite being wary he gets into the car with the two men, Mike (Ian Barford: U.S. Marshals 1998, Hellraiser: Inferno 2000) and Junior (Stephen Jouis Grush: The Express 2008, NightLights 2012).

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Still from Catch Hell

After travelling for some time and arriving at a run-down shack in the middle of the woods, Reagan realizes he has been tricked, with Mike and Junior’s intentions becoming violently clear. It seems Reagan’s womanizing past may have come back to haunt him and he does not have much time to recall which wrong woman he slept with. Mike has a violent sudden temper and Reagan is frequently beaten within an inch of his life. Mike seems to be working on a short time frame and is having trouble controlling his temper enough not to kill Reagan yet. Reagan’s hope relies heavily on the assumption that his agent and the movie people will send people out looking for him, but Junior is tech savvy and they have that covered. Mike does not only want to kill Reagan, he wants to kill what is left of his career as well. To begin with, things seem to go to plan, but as each day passes, Mike and Junior’s personality problems began to tear holes in their working together.

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Still from Catch Hell

Junior has his own less than honorable intentions and Reagan has to not only concern himself with his captors, but also with the gators that occasionally make their way into the cabin. Reagan must keep his wits about him while having to withstand incredible amounts of pain. Despite the horrors that surround him, Reagan must find a way to get out and get help before he is ripped to pieces and never seen again, his reputation in tatters. The more his blood gets spilled, the greater the extra danger he faces as he watches Junior and Mike unravel; not knowing how much longer he will survive.

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Still from Catch Hell

How long will it take before the public realizes he has been taken, if in fact they do? If he does escape, will he have the strength to make it very far? While there is lots of blood and gore, Catch Hell is slow moving with a simple, uncomplicated plot. What the audience sees is what they get, and all of the pieces tie together with a small surprise at the end. A slightly self-indulgent film on Mr. Phillippe’s behalf, who himself states he has only made five good movies. While entertaining, Catch Hell does not quite live up to its potential. CrypticRock gives this film 3 out of 5 stars.

Catch Hell 2014 - Catch Hell (Movie Review)
Twisted Pictures

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