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Mono - Oath album

MONO – Oath (Album Review)

Sometimes sound vibrates within our souls so intensely, words just get in the way. That is where MONO comes in. A Japanese band intent on striking this very real chord in each of us, MONO have been leaders in instrumental Rock music since 1999. A ... Read More
Black Country Communion V 2024

Black Country Communion – V (Album Review)

The term ‘supergroup’ is often liberally used and many times a buildup that only leads to disappointment. A sad reality, many musicians may be well-known and super talented individually, but sometimes the chemistry just is not there when they come together with others. However, there ... Read More
Lindsey Stirling - Duality

Lindsey Stirling – Duality (Album Review)

In an era where it seems that attention spans have diminished to fifteen second social media feeds, there are artists like Lindsey Stirling who provide hope for artistic integrity. An inspirational story about a positive use of modern technology, Stirling launched her YouTube channel all ... Read More
Trim Season art

Trim Season (Movie Review)

In theaters and On Demand June 7th, 2024, and directed by Ariel Vida (Vide Noir 2022), Trim Season is a Horror film with a timely subject at its centre. The film follows Emma (Bethlehem Million: Sick 2022, And Just Like That… series) who, after arriving ... Read More
Anvil - One and Only art

Anvil – One and Only (Album Review)

Through the years there have been Heavy Metal bands which have come and gone, but few have been as relentless as Anvil. With a history that dates back nearly five decades, labeling them relentless is done so with utter affection, because while Anvil are a ... Read More