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borknagar fall

Borknagar – Fall (Album Review)

  Having firmly etched their own sonic path since their origins in 1994, Borknagar emerged from the second-wave Norwegian Black Metal explosion that was sweeping the globe. They very quickly established themselves as an entity that would obey no one’s musical rules but their own. ... Read More
A poster for scream queen.

Scream Queen (Blu-ray Review)

In the world of Horror cinema, there is little doubt that many have an affection for genre star Linnea Quigley. Quigley, known famously for her string of roles in legendary ‘80s Horror films including 1984’s Silent Night, Deadly, 1985’s The Return of the Living Dead, as well ... Read More
Ace Frehley 10,000 Volts

Ace Frehley – 10,000 Volts (Album Review)

One the most easily recognized guitarist around, Ace Frehley is a Rock-n-Roll legend. Famously known as the original lead guitarist of KISS, Frehley’s tenure with the band played a key part in their success thanks to his blistering guitar solos, songwriting contributions, and sensational showmanship. ... Read More