The Answer (Movie Review)

Winner of Best Sci-Fi Feature at Rhode Island International Film Fest and winner of Best Feature at Shriekfest out in Los Angeles, CA in 2015, The Answer has a lot of people talking. The directorial debut of Iqbal Ahmed, the film will now see an ... Read More

Interview – Aria Emory

Some films create an atmosphere so well it is almost as if you are right there sweating it out with the crew. Capturing that dehydrated, heat-exhausted feeling flawlessly is cannibalistic new flick Drifter. Set in the desert, Drifter is a film of style with the ... Read More

Sanctuary – Inception (Album Review)

Sometimes trends/movements in music can make or break a band, depending on whether or not they jump on the popular train or run off alone. Forming in 1985, Seattle-based band Sanctuary came on the scene at the peak of Heavy Metal’s glory, but rather than breakaway ... Read More

MUNA – About U (Album Review)

Forming out of the University of Southern California in 2013, Katie Gavin (vocals), Josette Maskin (guitar), and Naomi McPherson (guitar) would join forces to create the band known as MUNA. Meshing their influences ranging from Ska to Progressive Rock and Pop together, they self-released their debut ... Read More