The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds Turns 50

Imagine being 23 years old, on the verge of a mental breakdown, partially deaf, and writing the album that inspired the music of your generation. This image paged, when The Beach Boy’s main Songwriter Brian Wilson wrote Pet Sounds, he was turning out an average of ... Read More

Sun Choke (Movie Review)

What can a movie viewer expect when mystery, drama, psychological thrills, along with horror are packed into one unrated feature? They get Ben Cresciman’s (Quitting 2009, Negative Space 2011) Sun Choke. An experience in Psychological Horror sure to leave anyone who watches feeling somewhat haunted and ... Read More

Deadlock – Hybris (Album Review)

Deadlock has been a part of the German Metal scene since the late nineties. Bringing a seamless blend of vocals that appeal to many fans of the beauty and beast style, clean female vocals contrasted by harsh growling vocals backdrop a melodic infused Metal sound. Primarily ... Read More