Developing Artist Showcase

Developing Artist Showcase – Augustine

Perugia, Italy’s Augustine is the nom de (musical) plume of multi-instrumentalist Sara Baggini. The name is derived from the main character of Invention of Hysteria, an essay by French Art Philosopher Georges Didi-Huberman. Which is a fair introduction to this talented young woman who is, ... Read More

Developing Artist Showcase – Ovtlier

Rochester, New York’s Ovtlier (that would be “Outlier,” yes) are a group of misfits who are ready to rock the world. Frontman Joey Arena (formerly of Young Bloods) began the band in 2014, inspired by ’90s Grunge, he was initially a one-man battering ram pointed ... Read More

Developing Artist Showcase – Moonfall

New York City’s Moonfall know a little something about infusing infectious melodies into their brand of Alternative Rock. Injecting an amalgamation of Pop sensibilities and delicious catchiness alongside the subtlest of EDM beats, these Yankees have authored a memorable collection that they aim to spread ... Read More