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tsjuder band

Interview – Nag of Tsjuder

One of the least compromising and most savage Norwegian Black Metal bands in existence, Tsjuder erupted into being in 1993 to forge its own Satanic blueprint upon the landscape of ever-morphing, ever evolving odes to the Horned One. Unlike many of those outfits, the brainchild ... Read More
matisyahu photo

Interview – Matisyahu

In a conflicted world that constantly aims to break our spirit, there are  sometimes elements which remind us that there is always something more than what we are. The idea that we all yearn for something in our lives to transcend us into broader understanding ... Read More
Barbara Crampton 2024 photo

Interview – Barbara Crampton

Horror cinema has seen many grace the screen through history, and one of the genre’s leading ladies is Barbara Crampton. A talented actress with a passion for the art form, Crampton began her journey in film during the early ’80s with roles in television series ... Read More
Jon Voight in 2024

Interview – Jon Voight

One of the most recognized actors to appear on the silver screen over the last six decades, Jon Voight is someone who takes nothing for granted. A student of theater, his distinctive portrayals have shone bright throughout his career; from his earlier days with iconic ... Read More