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Interview – Thomas Flowers of Oleander

Many may remember the rock band Oleander back from the early 2000’s with their killer hits “Why I’m here”, “I Walk Alone”, and “Are You There?”. After years of relentless touring, recording, success and let downs the band all but disappeared in 2004. Nearly a ... Read More

Interview – Jape Von Crow of To/Die/For

Hailing from Finland, To/Die/For are a goth metal band unique to others in the genre. Defiant to conform to any particular style of music the band combines piano, heavy guitars, synthesizers, and sorrowful emotional vocals for a rich atmospheric blend of ’80s influenced new wave ... Read More
Buckcherry 2013 interview

Interview – Keith Nelson of Buckcherry

Buckcherry are one of those bands which ignore the flavor of the week. Straight ahead rock n roll, it’s a simple formula, and has worked for these guys. With crowd pleasers like “Lit Up”, “Crazy Bitch”, “Next To You”, “Too Drunk”, and many more they ... Read More

Interview – Hváll of Vreid

Norwegian metal band Vreid are one of those which defies all labels. One would call them black metal another Black N Roll, regardless of what you want to call it, it’s all music. The band features a dedicated group of talented musicians which formed following ... Read More