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The Tribe (Movie Review)

Try to imagine living in a world with no sound. Think about communication. Think about navigating your surroundings on a purely visual basis. You can not hear, you can not make sense of anything audible. Sound exists only in the abstract to you. This is ... Read More

Lycan (Movie Review)

Deep in the woods of rural Georgia lies a hidden secret of the furriest kind. Bev Land’s full-length directorial debut, Lycan, embraces the urban legend of the Talbot County Werewolf, creating a brand-new Horror/Thriller film offering. The film opened in select U.S. theaters back on ... Read More

The Hatred (Movie Review)

One of the newest releases in the Anchor Bay family, The Hatred made its way to DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand on September 12th via Lionsgate. Originally premiering at Popcorn Frights Film Festival down in Miami, Florida on August 17th, the film features the ... Read More

In the Radiant City (Movie Review)

Currently available on Digital and On Demand as of July 18, 2017, thanks to the good folks at The Orchard, In the Radiant City serves up an emotional heaping of Drama that proves that there are always three sides to every story. The Yurley family ... Read More