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Sasquatch Street movie art

Sasquatch Sunset (Movie Review)

Released in theaters widely across the USA on April 19, 2024, as Sasquatch Sunset begins, it could almost be mistaken for a nature documentary; as the audience sees an expansive picturesque forest and then there are the unmistakable sounds of animals. But this is certainly ... Read More
Nightmare 4k Severin (2024)

Nightmare (3-disc 4K Ultra HD Review)

Censorship has existed for thousands of years when it comes to speech, literature, and art. Something that rightfully angers those who believe in free thought, in more recent history this societal suppression was highly prevalent in the UK during the 1980s when many films were ... Read More
Abigail movie poster

Abigail (Movie Review)

Half the fun in making an entertaining Horror film is in the creative process. Although, having a good ‘out of the box’ concept is not necessarily the core of what makes the end result a success. Looking at new and improved genre films, Abigail really ... Read More
Infested movie poster

Infested (Movie Review)

It turns out that Horror movies about spiders are a bit like buses – you wait ages for one and then two come along at once! After the release of Sting (Kiah Roache-Turner) a few weeks ago, now comes Infested (original title Vermines) available for streaming on Shudder April 26, ... Read More
Arcadian movie poster

Arcadian (Movie Review)

Hitting theaters on April 12, 2024 through RLJE Films, Arcadian opens as Paul (Nicolas Cage: Moonstruck 1987, Face/Off 1997) scurries through a war torn city. Who or what the city is at war with is unknown… but it soon becomes clear that life as we know it ... Read More