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The movie poster for T.I.M.

T.I.M. (Movie Review)

As we begin the year 2024, it also comes with plenty of new technologies; this includes everything from medical treatments to improvements in artificial intelligence. In fact, there have been plenty of films about the subject of A.I., including the 2001 masterpiece A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Now ... Read More
Laced movie poster with a house in the background.

Laced (Movie Review)

In search of a Chiller Thriller to bring in the New Year? If so, there is Laced; set in a remote chalet smack in the middle of a frigid blizzard and is the “just perfect’ brew for a gristly cup of murder mystery. Slated for ... Read More
The Painter 2024 movie art

The Painter (Movie Review)

Imagine someone who’s sense of hearing was so sensitive, if honed-in properly, it could track sounds of danger in far off distance better than any normal human ear. This is exactly the case in the new Action film The Painter. In select theaters on January 5, ... Read More
Mayhem! movie art

Mayhem! (Movie Review)

Whilst its title might suggest utter carnage from the outset, Mayhem! actually begins as a much more quiet and contemplative affair. In theaters and available for rent as of January 5, 2024 through IFC Films, Xavier Gens’ (Hitman 2007, Cold Skin 2017) new Action Thriller follows kickboxer ... Read More
The Human Trap poster

The Human Trap (Movie Review)

South Korea’s Lee Moon-young turns his hand to Horror for his feature directorial debut The Human Trap. Originally released in 2021, but debuting on Amazon Prime and other VOD/Streaming Platforms January 12, 2024 through Cinephobia Releasing, the film follows two young couples who decide to ... Read More