Enter the Dragon (4K Ultra HD Review)

The name Bruce Lee is forever ingrained into international pop culture’s DNA.  A fascinating figure, Lee not only brought mainstream attention to Martial Arts with his films, but he was also truly a master of the form. In fact, he is arguably the most influential ... Read More

Hugo (4K Ultra HD Limited Edition Review)

As time passes, fewer are interested or even taking the time to learn about history. In fact in present day culture, it seems some rather erase or dismiss history altogether. However, in truth, history is perhaps the most important aspect of any education because, positive ... Read More

Wolf Hollow (Movie Review)

Lycanthropy has always lent itself well to the genre of Horror. A human being’s limbs being stretched and transformed into a creature who hunts in a pack and is out for blood certainly allows for some horror shenanigans. Indeed there is an entire subgenre of ... Read More