Cathercist – As Hope Expires (Album review)

Cathercist album slide - Cathercist - As Hope Expires (Album review)

Cathercist – As Hope Expires (Album review)

Cathercist band - Cathercist - As Hope Expires (Album review)

Since their formation in 2010, Cathercist have been making a loud and clear statement in the rock n roll scene. Hailing from Gulfport, Mississippi, the five-piece hard rock/metal act released their debut album The Untimely Death of Zack Sawyer in 2011. Their first single, “Closer”, gained enough attention to land them positions on the Rockstar Uproar Tour 2011 as well as the 2012 Carnival Of Madness Tour. Upon reconstructing their line-up in late 2012, the ambitious quintet joined forces with producer Matt LaPlant (Nonpoint, Skindred) and released their sophomore album As Hope Expires (2013).

Hope certainly does not seem to be expiring for this energetic crew as they do not waste any time fixating their audience with the opening track “Everything Has Changed”. The song’s dark yet inviting intro jolts into high gear with a demanding guitar riff, melting into blistering drum patterns by Matt Marciana. The band’s broad ranged front man, Zack Sawyer, follows up with a powerful balance between his unique screams and melodious clean vocals. As the catchy tune comes to a close it gives you enough of a taste making you hungry for more.

“Disconnected” is another memorable track packed with raw emotion and incorporating heavy guitar tones from Taylor Roberts and Daniel Ferguson. Bassist Mikhail Cintgran complements Marciana’s rapid fire yet consonant drum beats. The passionate background screams of Roberts adds for a great counterpoise, while Sawyer’s clean vocals really radiate, making him entirely eminent in delivering a solid performance. The track leads into a shredding guitar solo by Roberts leaving your ears and mind completely satified. The guys close out the album with a head-banging tune entitled “Poison”. A potent piano-like introduction kicks into high gear as the band comes together to convey their strong message to the masses, making it obvious that they possess a combination of original sound and engaging lyrics.

As the album is only eight tracks long, As Hope Expires takes you on an illuminated journey of self-uncertainty, struggle, and overcoming the obstacles of life. The band as a whole fits together flawlessly like the pieces of a puzzle. Each member has something to bring to the table as there are no throw away tracks on this record. It is without a doubt that they have something unique to offer their audience as they hit the road with American Head Charge and Righteous Vendetta on the Shoot Tour Part III that began on February 2nd, in Little Rock Arkansas. CrypticRock gives this album 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Cathercist album - Cathercist - As Hope Expires (Album review)
Review written by Heather McKee
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Heather McKee
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Heather McKee is a small town girl with big dreams and an undeniable love for music based out of Johnson City, Tennessee. During the day, she works as a manager at an animal hospital. She has always been passionate for music, photography, and animals. Several months ago she was given the opportunity to do some concert photography work for a local radio station, Z-Rock 99.3 She took it, immediately fell in love with it, and continues to strive to better artistic abilities at every show.

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