Christian Death – Evil Becomes Rule (Album Review)

Religious beliefs and differences in ideologies has spawned countless war in the course of history. In many cases music is a cathartic release when we look at endless war and destruction of the world. A powerful form of expression, it can build back those protective walls that were previously demolished by the woes of reality. Which leads us to a band which has been around through the ever changing times as they have changed forms themselves, that band is Christian Death. Going strong since 1979, despite the biggest loss of Rozz Williams back in 1998, Christian Death are legends in the Deathrock and Goth world. Now they back in 2022 with their new studio album Evil Becomes Rule.

Released on May 6th through Season of Mist, their first studio album seven years features eleven songs of demure dark pleasure. Members of Christian Death that contributed to this new album consist of long time member Valor who is responsible for lead vocals and multi-instrumentation, along with Maitri on lead vocals plus bass guitar, along with Pao on drums. 

Starting off the album “The Alpha And The Omega” is a deeply pronounced tale of gothic proportions. Then the album shifts into the chiming intro of “The Messiah,” and this moves into “Elegant Sleeping” which explores more of the female vocal styling as well as more of that Vampira musical vibe.

Moving on, album standout “Blood Moon,” has a classic expected Goth Rock sound, but is as catchy as always. Then you sink into “The Warning” which begins with backing track snippets before piano gets overlaid on top and the whole agenda of the tune pops into the forefront with Valor on vocals harmonized in a serene way by Maitri. An impressive track, the band mange to achieve a Punk attitude thanks to the guitar styling all while mixing Goth Rock vocals that give way to a heavy climax.

Further into the album you also have “Beautiful” which is another modest favorite of that classic Goth Rock sound. Following next is the title-track where you have some eccentric percussion oddities that lend to a spooky sensibility. Unique, it creates an atmosphere rather than an actual tune. Finally, the album ends with two interesting pieces – “Who Am I (Part 1)” and “Who Am I (Part 2).” A bit unexpected, and very short lived, with the latter track being just over one minute long led on vocals by KWA-B, it is might be perceived as a very unsatisfying ending for fans who want to explore new songs from Christian Death…but it is what it is nonetheless.

In truth, Christian Death could never be as inspiring on this album as they were to so many great they worked on back in the day, but they can still bring the essence and drive they possess into present day for fans to enjoy. As it is an endearing gesture to keep making new music, the classics are still so strongly embedded in the minds of those long time fans. All in all, as a worthy attempt of a new album from Christian Death, Cryptic Rock gives Evil Becomes Rule 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

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