Cinnamon Babe – Fatherless (EP Review)

A native to Bronx, New York, Stormi Maya is a young woman who has a wealth of experience. A story that can sometimes be dark and tragic, Maya has found a path for herself through modeling, acting, and also, music. Sometimes boxed into a corner as a model, recently being featured in Penthouse magazine, Maya is a lady full of strength, intelligence, and is not afraid to use her voice. 

Initially dabbling in music within the Hip Hop world, she quickly realized the image and sound she was portraying was not true to herself… because deep down she is a lover of Heavy Metal. An aspect of herself that she is proud of, the truth is Maya has been a Rock and Metal listener for many years. Bringing this to the forefront, in 2022 she launched her very own Metal band called Cinnamon Babe.

A project that gives her an outlet beyond acting or modeling, Cinnamon Babe is honestly still taking form. Initially putting out tracks such as “Pure O,” “Messiah,” and “Rock ‘N’ Is Black,” Cinnamon Babe steadily attracted some attention. Unfortunately, in a world where many hide behind screens, only to bash others for being bold enough to take on something artistic, some of this attention was negative. Misunderstood, misconstrued, or simply discounted because of her history as a model, Maya has taken the negativity and harnessed it into the music.

That in mind, on August 25, 2023 Cinnamon Babe released the debut EP Fatherless. Consisting of five tracks, Fatherless encompasses four singles (“Typecast,” “Bad Dog,” “The Man,” featuring Otep, and “Loose” featuring Banshee), along with “Gaslight.” Each of the singles released between May and August, all of them tackles a different topic Maya wanted to sound off about. No doubt a product of negativity thrown her way, the rage covering each of the tracks is sincere and raw. Featuring heavy guitars, the sound is very much rooted in Alternative Metal while Maya raps fluently over the top in an almost Punk-like fashion.  

Now, some might say that the lyrics are a bit untethered, but they have to remember that Maya is speaking from her experiences in life, and more particularly, those in the entertainment industry. In this world unfortunately people are going to sling mud, but that does not mean someone should stand by and take it. 

In truth, the songs that make up Fatherless are quite solid and would appeal to a broad audience of Alternative Metal fans. That said, it will be really interesting to see where Maya takes Cinnamon Babe in the future and where the sound develops… because you just never know what turns it might take. The start of something promising, Cryptic Rock gives Fatherless 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Cinnamon Babe – Fatherless

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