Circa Survive unleash at Best Buy Theater NYC 11-11-14

Circa Survive unleash at Best Buy Theater NYC 11-11-14

In the dawn of a month long tour, Experimental Hard Rock band Circa Survive hit the road on November 5th with Title Fight and Tera Melos. Scheduled to stop in twenty-four cities, including the final two shows in their hometown of Philadelphia, PA at Union Transfer, the band was on full attack mode at the Best Buy Theatre on 44th Street in New York City on Tuesday November 11th.  Celebrating ten years together as a band, Circa Survive are also promoting their new album, Descensus, out November 24th via Sumerian Records.  Bringing a tidal wave of music, expanding a decade long, dedicated fans in the audience packed into the venue ready to stir up memories and sing along.

Beginning the early week show was the band Tera Melos.  As an Experimental Post Hardcore band, they provide an array of musical styles from Electronic, Alternative and Jazz. Their unconventional song structure is reminiscent of colleagues such as The Fall of Troy.  Coming from the hills of Roseville, California, Tera Melos is signed to Sargent House Records and consists of Nick Reinhart (guitars/programming/vocals), Nathan Latona (bass), and John Clardy (drums).  Making the most of their time, Tera Melos packed a powerful punch including songs from their most recent album, X’ed Out, released in 2013. Keeping a constant slur of changing tempo tracks like “Slimed” and “Kelley” mixed in the seven song set, Tera Melos was certainly a true fit to the bill. Dig into their history to see what they are all about.

Next up were unsung heroes of Alt-Punk band, Title Fight, who have been playing among the college scene for several years. Started in 2003, this underground quartet from Kingston, PA began to create a buzz and have three outstanding albums to show for it. Their heavy guitar patterns and gritty vocals, led by Jaime Rhoden, along with bassist/vocalist Ned Russin, guitarist Shane Moran, and drummer Ben Russin add more perfect chaos to the scene by encouraging moshing and crowd-surfing. Their buzz has continued to grow after recent tours with heavyweights Bayside, New Found Glory, Rise Against and now they add Circa Survive to that list.  Performing songs from their recent release EP, Spring Songs (2013), to their earliest release, The Last Thing You Forget (2007), a main portion of  the set focused on their most popular album Floral Green (2012). Tracks included a slower tempo, and more mellow song entitled “Head in the Ceiling Fan,” a great song to listen to for novel Title Fight fans, and “Symmetry,” a popular song that remains true to their American Punk Rock influences like classic staples of American Punk.  Title Fight brought ripples to the tidal wave that was about to ensue at Best Buy Theater, and are serious contenders to be a headliner.  They are currently in the process of putting final touches on their new album set for release in early 2015 on Anti-Records, so keep a look out .

Proving they are giants a part of a unique genre, Circa Survive fans were out in masses at Best Buy Theater.  As a legion of people who do not care if they lose a shoe or take their shirt off, many just want a chance to feel the Circa Survive experience and crowd surf to the front where they can get a glimpse of frontman Anthony Green.  Green, known for wanting to keep the audiences involved in the live shows, perhaps more than other vocalist in recent years, has a strange and piercing but smoky beautiful voice that captivates listeners.   With a lighthearted “take it as it comes” attitude, fans often wonder if this is the show he is inclined to jump into the crowd, or pass a lucky spectator the microphone and let them feel part of the show.  Joining him since the inception of Circa Survive is silent mastermind guitarists Colin Frangietto and Brandon Elstrom, the quiet, but cool bassist Nick Beard, along with, the backbone, drummer Steve Clifford.

Feeling the exhilaration, as if they were performing for the first time live, Circa Survive ignited the fire of the audience, opening with the popular number off of their 2010 album Blue Sky Noise entitled “Through the Desert Alone,” which possessed a  heavy strumming intro which gave way to chaotic energy of crowd surfing and moshing galore. Providing a good combination of all of their critically acclaimed albums, the third song offered was “Sharp Practice” off 2012’s Independent release Violent Waves.  As the show continued, it became apparent that every member of the audience knew all of the songs word for word and belted their hearts out just as much as Green on the stage.  Something different this time, opposed to previous Circa Survive shows, was the use of specialized graphics on a projector, which gave off a mystic and almost ethereal appearance, making the visual stimulation more drawing as it matched the music.

Playing some newer songs off of their upcoming album Descensus, single “Schema” was a true testament to Green’s vocal depth with scream-ability for a powerful pungent piece to bear witness to live. Showing their more mellow side, “Kickin Your Crosses Down,” followed by another fresh track called “Only the Sun,” was equally entrancing with a long intro and slew of guitar effects. Following with earlier songs such as “Act Appalled” and “In Fear and Faith,” every moment mounted more excitement from the room thus feeding the adrenaline of the band.  Constantly moving, crowd surfers were greeted by Green who reached out to them as his way of saying thank you for the dedication and support.

As a finale prior to the encore, Green conveyed to everyone that he was going to partake in an experiment and asked everyone to listen to the song without moving until he let them know to do so.  Launching Descensus single “Child of the Desert,”  a relaxed vibe swallowed the theater as Green’s higher pitched notes danced around an electronic effect with heavy guitar riffs.  Obeying the vocalists command, everyone remained centered and focused taking in the moment without movement.  Signaling the crowd to unleash, the song began to roar with changing tempos and a deep groove, evoking all hell to break loose.   Certainly a revitalization for the mind and body, the encore to follow was “Get Out,” completing this display of pure human emotion.  Circa Survive continues to stand the test of time throughout the years and because of their showmanship and balance of delicate and heart-piercing sounds, their fans will always remain dedicated to continue to come out and experience evenings such as these time and time again.



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