Clinger (Movie Review)

Teenage love is filled with many things, including thrills, awkwardness, first times, and even disappointment. Clinger highlights all of those experiences and even throws in a little death and gore. Michael Steves (Hello, Cruel World 2012) directed and co-wrote the Horror/Comedy with Gabi Chennisi Duncombe and Bubba Fish. Its theatrical premiere is set for October 23rd, 2015 and will be released by Paragon Pictures.

Still from Clinger
Still from Clinger

Fern Petersen (Jennifer Laporte: Write Your Way Out 2011) is a high school student focused on her track career and getting into MIT. While running track, she gets distracted by fellow student Robert Klingher (Vincent Martella: Walking Dead 2013) as he sits in the bleachers watching and playing guitar. She takes a nasty tumble and Robert rushes to help her up. The two quickly begin an over-the-top and intense relationship, mainly from Robert’s side. He celebrates their “anniversary” on a weekly basis, suffocates Fern in gifts, and frequently plays a song that repeats her name over and over.

Feeling overwhelmed and deciding that she needs to focus more on acceptance to MIT, Fern decides to end the relationship. She goes to Robert’s house and, of course, he has gone way too far with decorations and gifts yet again. Only this time, he has built a huge contraption that releases a banner proclaiming his love. As he pulls the lever for the banner, she quickly says that she would like to break up, and the shock causes him to fall back and get brutally decapitated. Understandably, Fern struggles with grief and guilt, but it does not last long. It seems that Robert has not gone far and is clinging to her from beyond. Although it is innocent at first, Fern begins to reject him once again and he turns into a vengeful ghost determined to bring her into the afterlife with him. With the help of a ghost hunter, friends, and family, she must find a way to rid herself of him once and for all.

Still from Clinger
Still from Clinger

Clinger is witty and has a cast that can pull off deadpan humor effortlessly. Although the movie is about teenage love, the comedic theme is kept on an adult level and there is no lack of gore. The decapitation, as well as a very awkward love-making scene, was surprisingly gruesome. The gore is decent when practical effects were used, but CGI moments were not handled as seamlessly and come off a bit silly. This is director Michael Steves’s full feature debut and that inexperience does show in the story itself. There are several moments that are confusing and lack making sense, especially the ending.

Still from Clinger
Still from Clinger

Although Clinger falls short in a few areas, the overall story is enjoyable. Director Michael Steves has quite a bit of potential and obviously knows how to play to an actor’s strengths. The movie will have an audience with Horror fans who are seeking a more lighthearted and silly form of entertainment. CrypricRock gives Clinger 3 out of 5 stars.

clinger poster
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