Clint Lowery – God Bless The Renegades (Album Review)

Clint Lowery – God Bless The Renegades (Album Review)

Conceivably one of the most underrated artists in Nu Metal, Clint Lowery has been a driving force as the Lead Guitarist and Backing Vocalist of Sevendust for more than two decades. Aside from world domination with Sevendust, Lowery has ventured out into his own side projects such as Hello Demons Meet Skeletons, Dark New Day, and Call Me No One, which also featured Sevendust Drummer Morgan Rose. Other than the aforementioned endeavors, Lowery had yet to dive head first into his own full-blown solo project – until now!

Coming into his own, Clint Lowery is incredibly happy to announce the release of his first full-length solo album, God Bless The Renegades, set to drop on Friday, January 31, 2020 on Rise Records. A last name Rock fans may have heard before, Wolfgang Van Halen, son of the great Eddie Van Halen, provided both bass and drums to support Lowery who flies this rocket ship on guitar and vocals. A veteran of production, Producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Slash, Alter Bridge) was on board and helped deliver a full soundscape to God Bless The Renegades.

Taking time away from such a huge main attraction like Sevendust can be an enormous challenge for both the new solo artist as well as the rest of their primary band. In his own words, this is what Lowery had to say about his first solo record and what it has meant to his relationship with the rest of the guys in Sevendust: In the past ten years, there were a few times where I wanted to do a solo record and there were other projects even in a similar realm. In my career, I always hoped to eventually have the connection of fans singing the words I wrote back to me as I sang with them. I felt like I owed it to myself. Where I am creatively, it was something I needed to do. The Sevendust guys were super supportive, and it’s made me enjoy our band even more. Still, I desperately needed to prove myself and see if I could do it. Putting this under my name was a big decision. There’s an empowerment to it; I’m glad I did, because it’s me.”  Powerful words from a proud musician.

Called into action, God Bless The Renegades fires off with the eponymous title track that will immediately strike a chord with those familiar with Sevendust, as does the hopefulness of the next track, “Here.” Ready to be a hit single, Lowery’s impressive vocals will resonate to an energized listener on “Kings” with crashing tones and a sense of triumph. Rocking hard, “Alive” lives to fight another day as Lowery keeps the enthusiasm at an extreme on “What’s the Matter” and “You Go First.” A passionate ballad-esque rocker, “Allowed To Run” discusses strength in the face of change.

So many possibilities, “Silver Lining” is an open book that can have a number of meanings. Could it be about getting into a better situation? Maybe it finds beauty in darkness? One could even say this song describes the only reason life is good. A family man, on “She’s Free” Lowery sings about allowing his daughter to live her own life while dad sticks by her side. One fine way to close your solo debut, “Do We Fear God” is an undeniably harmonizing tune seeing Lowery’s most emotional vocals that will pull listeners into a euphoric state.

An impressive reintroduction, Clint Lowery’s God Bless The Renegades really shines bright and proves that Lowery is by far one of the most talented, humble, and exciting artists making music today. From track one to ten, God Bless The Renegades is a consistent and well-written LP highlighted by Lowery’s passion for music with stellar production enhanced by Baskette’s captivating analog synth, organ, and piano.

All in all, God Bless The Renegades is certainly an album that Lowery should be proud of and one that Rock fans should eat up. One of the best new albums of 2020, Cryptic Rock gives God Bless The Renegades 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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