Clutch showcase sneak peek of Psychic War D’Angelico Guitars Showroom NYC 5-18-15

Clutch showcase sneak peek of Psychic War D’Angelico Guitars Showroom NYC 5-18-15

Back during the bitter cold days of Winter, it was announced that Clutch would be teaming up with Mastodon for a co-headlining Spring tour dubbed The Missing Link Tour. Scheduled for a twenty-nine date outing that kicked off April 16th, the tour would see each band swap headlining spots until the final night May 24th in Columbus, Ohio. Wondering if the cold weather would ever break, the latter part of May is finally to see the warm weather come on, and on Monday the 18th, Maryland’s own Clutch retched up the temperature a few degrees when they made a exclusive appearance at D’Angelico Guitars Showroom in Midtown Manhattan. Hosted by Clutch’s own record label, Weathermaker Music, the very special event was an invite only gathering for a relaxing night of food, drink, conversation, and even some music. Announcing, only a few weeks prior, the band’s intention to release their follow-up to 2013 Earth Rocker album this coming September, this gathering would give industry representatives an exclusive first listen to some of the new cuts. Titling their forthcoming eleventh record Psychic Warfare, many fans anticipate what Clutch has in store after their stellar efforts on Earth Rocker. As everyone arrived on the fourth floor of twelve story, one hundred plus year old building in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, they were ready to kick back and indulge in Clutch’s showcase.

Configured as a one-of-a-kind luxury guitar showroom, sprawled out over five-thousand square feet, D’Angelico’s is comprised of a fully-equipped live stage, lounge area, acoustic room, vintage room, as well as a full bar made out of Marshall half-stacks, and stocked with the finest spirits. Ogling at the array of beautiful guitar bodies displayed on the walls, everyone conversated while enjoying food and drink in the hour prior to Clutch taking the stage. Igniting a groove immediately with new track titled “X-Ray Vision,” vocalist/guitarist Neil Fallon proved to have the animated stage presence he displays night in and night out for general public concerts. Fallon explains in interviews the track is influenced by the Science Fiction author Philip K. Dick’s work. Going into more new songs titled “Firebird” and another Blues-tingling, hard rocker “Quick Death In Texas,” guitarist Tim Sult laid down soulful guitar riffs as drummer Jean-Paul Gaster and bassist Dan Maines gave the new tunes their backbone, strengthening their cohesive nature.

Bringing the tempo down a few notches, they went into the mellow track “Our Lady of Electric Light,” creating a calm lounge atmosphere everyone dug into. A track which the band has treated to a handful of audiences since September of last year, it is jam-filled with passionate storytelling. Continuing on into “Monsters,” followed by a gritty Rock song titled “Decapitation Blues,” Clutch had everyone bopping their head to the irresistible guitar work of Sult and Gaster’s ever so smooth hits on the skins. Envoking an overwhelming positive response from all in attendance, including members of touring mates Mastodon on hand, Clutch owned the night as they rounded out their seven song showcase with “Son of Virginia;” a dark, moody piece with a Doors-like vibe that could find one easily getting lost inside of.

While some bands keep their new music close to their vest until their album is actually released, Clutch has been quite generous, sprinkling the tracks throughout their setlists, and the band has never sounded better. Judging by the quality of the composition of these songs, followers will be in for a massive treat once Psychic Warfare is released this September. As for the remainder of the event held at D’Angelico Guitars Showroom, each member of the band spent time with guests after their performance talking about the music, taking photographs, and having a great time. Scheduled to perform on the Central Park Summerstage in NYC with Mastodon the following evening, this unique event at D’Angelico Guitars Showroom was a splendid up-close and personal first look at what could turn out being one of Clutch’s best albums to date.

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