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Cobra Spell – 666 (Album Review)

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Emerging onto the Heavy Metal landscape back in 2019, Cobra Spell is a band whose heart lies in the classic era of the genre. The vision of Sonia Anubis, who had previously played with Crypta and Burning Witches, with her own project, she has myologically plotted an attack. Putting out a string of material as an independent band between 2020 and 2022, their sound soon grabbed the attention of Napalm Records. A great spot for the band, it was announced the label signed them up at the end of last year; planning to release new Cobra Spell music in 2023.

A pinnacle moment for Anubis’ Cobra Spell, she also recruited the talents of Vocalist Kristina Vega, Bassist Roxy Herrera, Rhythm Guitarist Noelle dos Anjos, and Drummer Hale Naphtha to solidify the lineup. A unity of gifted musicians who are hungry to rock the world, they joined together looking to make a grand impression on Cobra Spell’s debut full-length album 666.

Released on December 1st through Napalm Records, audiences’ got their first venomous taste of Cobra Spell’s new music first in September with the release of “S.E.X.,” before “The Devil Inside of Me” arrived in early November. Two vastly different examples of what this band has to offer, “S.E.X.” is more of a shout-along Glam anthem, whereas “The Devil Inside of Me” is a guitar soaring Heavy Metal classic.

With these songs already out there, the remainder of 666 is a fun-filled Heavy Metal adventure that teases and tempts you around the turn of each corner. You see, these ladies are genuinely enjoying themselves. There is no façade put on for the sake of fitting any current trends, but instead they stay true to their one true love – pure Heavy Metal. Taking their cues from acts like Mötley Crüe, Vixen, Girlschool, Lita Ford, and Danger Danger, what you get is Heavy Metal that is loose, free, and extremely catchy. That said, they combine these influences with some seriously blazing guitar work, solid songwriting, and so much more.

Truly a blast, the best part of all with 666 are the interlude tracks such as “666” and “Hotline 666.” Reminiscent of the way Rock albums once were laid out, it actually makes it feel like an album rather than a bunch of songs strung together. Beyond this, songs that really stick out other than the singles include the dark, seductive “Fly Away” and “Love = Love,” the headbangers “Love Crime,” plus the W.A.S.P. vibed “Warrior From Hell.” Each rich in atmosphere, the guitars are razor sharp, the production is larger than life, and Vega’s voice fits like a glove as our temptress seducing us into this band’s lair.

Overall, if you are a fan of ‘80s Metal and Hard Rock and all the magic that it offered, then Cobra Spell is for you. Not a gimmick or put on for the sake of just grabbing attention, they have a sound that is authentic and an intent that is effective. That is why Cryptic Rock gives Cobra Spell’s 666 4 out of 5 stars.

Cobra Spell 666 album artwork
Cobra Spell – 666 / Napalm Records (2023)

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