Collective Soul – Half & Half (EP Review)

Collective Soul – Half & Half (EP Review)

Ever heard of Collective Soul? Well if not, you have probably been living under a rock, because these guys have been around since 1992. One of the most consistent and longest lasting Rock-n-Roll bands that emerged from the ’90s era, Collective Soul has pumped out ten studio albums, including 2019’s impressive Blood, and are offering fans new music yet again with their forthcoming Half & Half EP.

Initially scheduled for release on Record Store Day back on April 18th, due to the unforeseen chaos brought on by COVID-19, the EP now sees the light of day on Saturday, August 29th’s Record Store Day. A limited, special release, it will be out as a limited edition 45 rpm/180g vinyl through Fuzze-Flex Records, exclusively to independent record stores, and of course online. Something collectors will want to get a copy of, the EP consists of four songs, two of which are cover tracks, and the other two which are brand new originals.

It all starts with a cover of Crazy Horse and Neil Young’s “Opera Star” featuring great vocals from E Roland along with impressive guitar riffs. Featuring a catchy rhythm that pulls you in instantly, the positive vibes continue with the new Collective Soul cut “Let Her Out.” At first reminiscent of Thin Lizzy’s “Boys Are Back In Town,” that impression ceases quickly as the song continues both in a catchy and animated fashion.

Continuing with another original, “Back Again” begins with a soft drum and snare session before the music sets in and takes off into a signature Collective Soul groove. Which leads us to the finale, R.E.M. cover “The One I Love,” which is a bit more edgy and rapid than the original. Furthermore, E Roland’s vocals add an almost ominous vibe that is unique yet creates a great rendition.

And that’s that with Half & Half. Short but sweet, it lasts for only seventeen minutes and leaves you craving for more. The rich sound make it evident that the band has quite some experience in making music, and yet it is still a special offering because they have never released studio recorded covers before. Fun and worth adding to your collection, Cryptic Rock gives Half & Half 5 out of 5 stars.

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