Combichrist conquer Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 10-7-14 w/ Davey Suicide, William Control & Darksiderz

Combichrist conquer Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 10-7-14 w/ Davey Suicide, William Control & Darksiderz

After a three year absence from touring North America, Combichrist returns for the second time in 2014 with the We Love You Tour Part II.  Six months after the initial supporting tour for the band’s seventh studio record We Love You, the bill was originally announced to include Blood on the Dance Floor but quickly changed to a supporting cast of Davey Suicide, William Control, and Darksiderz.  Making stops in areas not hit during the first run, fans get a chance to rock with Aggrotech bands in intimate and unique settings all October long.  Stopping at Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, NY on Tuesday October 7th, a massive turn out ignored the fact that it was a week night and were ready to a night of aggressive music.

Beginning the party early was local band Candy Brain.  Coming together in 2011, the band combines Synth Pop, Industrial Rock, and a variety of other styles. The band brought a theatrical look with them to the stage.  As vocalist Bunny R. Abbit sang through their interesting fantasy inspired songs, a generous size crowd came together to show support for the Long Island based group that could have a promising future on the scene.

Following was another New York based product by the name of As Days Fade.  Hailing from the borough of Queens, the band has been together since 2008 and combine heavy grooves along with melodic guitars for a sound that is tight and full.  Their 2013 EP Carpe Noctem is on iTunes now.

Completing the showcase of homegrown talents was the rapidly rising Long Island based Kissing Candice.  Coming together in 2012, the band was brainstormed by Ex-Dr. Acula keyboardist Joey Simpson and includes Tommy Sciro (guitar), Marco Caruso (drums), Mike Grippo (bass), and Jason Lydard (guitar).  Having toured nationally and built a buzz around them, Kissing Candice came out swinging.  Concealed behind masks, they worked the stage with their combination of Metal, Industrial, and Electronic elements.  With a sound was that fierce and heart-pumping all the way through, the combination of melodic and harsh vocals worked perfectly to ignite a wave of interest from everyone.  Dedicating the “Vagabonds” to the audience, Kissing Candice had complete control of the room and showed they are ready for the big time.

Returning to Revolution Bar & Music Hall for the first time since their opening slot for Orgy in March of 2013, Davey Suicide has come a long way in a little over a year.  Having toured extensively throughout North America and making their debut in the UK, the band shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Releasing their debut self-titled album last year, they immediately followed up in September of 2014 with their sophomore effort Worldwide Suicide via Standby Records.  Led by the engaging persona of Davey Suicide, the band of Needlz (keyboards), Drayven Davidson (drums), Brent Ashley (bass), and Mikey 13 (guitar) came out ready to destroy the stage in a big way.  As Suicide belted out an impressive display of raw vocals, he commanded the stage with his tall stature and unique look and the room began to swell with excitement. Performing a set of tunes from their two albums including “Worldwide Suicide” and “Generation Fuckstar,” the band put on a solid performance and many hope they will return again soon for a possible headlining show.

As the evening drew later and more piled into the club, Seattle, Washington’s William Control was about to take the stage.  Originally lead vocalist of Aiden, Control has taken a different path in life, traveling abroad and expanding his horizons.  Now four records deep into his solo career, including the most recent The Neuromancer, Control looks to continue to win over fans of a plethora of sub-genres with an ever distinctive sound.

Coming out dressed in black, looking classy and sharp, Control immediately projected the attitude of Johnny Cash with the swagger of Frank Sinatra.  Singing vividly and affectionately through songs like “Beautiful Loser,” “Strangers,” and “Price We Pay,” the audience was all ears and gave their undivided attention to control and his band as they provided smooth, catchy sounds.  Lighting a cigarette and holding conversation with the room between songs, Control stated while he has visited NYC often in recent times it was actually his first time on Long Island since 2008.  Going into other tracks like “The Filth and the Fetish” and fan-favorite “I’m Only Human Sometimes,” this was a welcomed return for fans and a powerful performance from start to finish.  Independent of a record label and taking his destiny into his own hands, Control made an impressive splash on the scene that is bound to continue and grow.

Mixing things up a bit in between the bands was a set by DJ Darksiderz.  With harsh beats, throbbing bass, and intense electronics, Darksiderz had many getting up and dancing.  He had his pulse on the room from the moment he began and was certainly the perfect table setter for Combichrist to follow.  Those looking for a DJ that combines a variety of styles should absolutely check him out.

Seemingly an already long, enjoyable night of music, the energy level was taken up a few notches as the crowd awaited Combichrist’s arrival.  Commanded by Norwegian Andy LaPlegua, the band of Joe Letz (Drums), Z Marr (electronics), Abbey Nex (guitar), and Tiffany Lowe (electronics) congregated on the stage; jump-starting with “We Were Made to Love You.”  As LaPlegua screams met the distorted mix of Metal guitars and electronics, a rush of blood took over the bodies of all in the room.  Taking everyone deep into the lair of dark dance beats, “Today I Woke to The Rain” and “Blut Royale” was followed with Industrial Metal tune “Can’t Control.”  Keeping everyone moving, Revolution Bar & Music Hall became a club scene one would see on a Saturday night.

Keeping the adrenaline flowing, “Throat Full of Glass,” “Maggots at The Party,” and “Never Surrender” were just a few of the highlights in a heart-stopping performance.  The band’s ability to re-create their sound so flawlessly live with an added force of intensity was truly remarkable to bear witness to and had everyone in a trance they did not want to be released from.  Wrapping up the set with “Get Your Body Beat” and “Love is a Razorblade,” Combichrist not only pulverized the dance floor but captivated the minds of their fans.  Chanting for more, an encore featuring “This S*it Will Fcuk You Up” and “What the Fuck Is Wrong With You?” topped off the exhilarated output of Combichrist.  While the We Love You Tour Part II concludes stateside in mere days, the European leg will begin right after, so do not miss out.

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