Create Your Killer (Short Movie Review)

Create Your Killer (Short Movie Review)

From the mind of Producer, Director, Writer and Actress Sarah Giercksky comes the brand new Horror Short Create Your Killer. A new project, Bloody Fierce Productions premiered the short on Saturday, December 7, 2019. 

VHS and video games are at the heart of Create Your Killer, a perfect ‘80s flashback without the Aquanet and spandex. In the film, three roommates—Amanda (Jasmine Martinez: Deltagarna/Parcipiants short 2016, Sargad 2017), Isabelle (Giercksky: Rotten Love short 2017, Sargad 2017), and Adam (Emanuel Markskog: Fredagen den 24 short 2017, Douchua short 2018)—discover an old VHS tape emblazoned with the film’s enticing title in bloody red.

Create Your Killer still.

Soon their living room plays host to a veritable plethora of slightly off-kilter Horror icons, from a too cool Jason to Freddy Krueger missing some of his knives. That’s when the trio realize that through their TV screen they can craft their very own flesh and blood killer who will do their bidding—or will he?

Clocking in at just eight minutes, Create Your Killer was produced, directed, and written by the multi-talented Giercksky. Though its cast is understandably small, the short film also features the acting talents of Mikael Björkman (Direct Deposit short 2017, The Lawyer series); Twizz Forsberg; Johan Högstedt; Alessa Perlgård (Something Real short 2017, Marcel – The Detective Brothers short 2018); and Magnus Bäckström.

In its current incarnation, Create Your Killer is a super short foray into Horror with some comedic bits dusted into its fun and nostalgic screenplay. One could easily see this becoming a feature-length Horror-Comedy, one that honors Horror’s 1980s heyday with its practical effects, Gusse Hoffman’s killer score (which evokes the work of Koji Kondo), and its masked and instantly familiar villain (Björkman). The challenge, however, will be in padding the script in such a way that it doesn’t deliver all of its excitement in its very first act. As it stands, blood is splashed and some wit is shared, but it’s all done in under ten minutes (just over six minutes of actual film)—a runtime that even the most ADD of moviegoers can survive.

Create Your Killer still.

For now, those who are intrigued should absolutely give Create Your Killer a watch. Considering its low budget, the Horror flick does a good job at entertaining its watchers and has a fully-developed though succinct plot. The practical effects are well-done and the killer that is created, while derivative and therefore immediately familiar, is passable for the genre. Don’t expect a terrifying icon on par with Chucky, but don’t write off this bloody fierce production either! For this, Cryptic Rock give Create Your Killer 4 of 5 stars.

Bloody Fierce Productions

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