Crobot – Motherbrain (Album Review)

Crobot – Motherbrain (Album Review)

Over the last few years, sexy, guitar based Rock-n-Roll has been slowly resurfacing into the mainstream thanks to the success of bands like Rival Sons, Monster Truck, Greta Van Fleet, and Joyous Wolf. The one thing missing from our lives, this much loved riff orientated groove has been resurrected and Rock fans are eating it up like Thanksgiving dinner.

Taking part in this Rock-n-Roll evolution, Crobot are a trio mining intriguing, funky Rock grooves based out of the Coal Region of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Climbing to Rock’s hallowed summit, Crobot are stoked to announce the release of their fourth studio album, Motherbrain, taking place on Friday, August 23rd, 2019 via their new label Mascot Records.

Making an introduction, Crobot consist of charismatic Frontman Brandon Yeagley who bounces between lead vocals and harmonica, Guitarist Chris Bishop, and Drummer Dan Ryan. While tearing it up live, Crobot is joined on stage by touring bassists James Lascu and Eddit Collins who share this role depending on the night. Over the years, Crobot have been compared to some of the best names in Hard Rock such as Soundgarden, Wolfmother, and Queens of the Stone Age. A surplus of good music under their belt, Crobot’s acclaimed discography comprises nothing short of impressive and spirited Rock music throughout 2012’s Legend of the Spaceborne Killer, 2014’s Something Supernatural, and 2016’s Welcome to Fat City. Through it all, Crobot have established quite the fan fare and a reputation for being an exciting live act.

Writing the next chapter, Crobot acquired veteran Producer Corey Lowery (Seether, Saint Asonia, Sevendust, Stereomud) to assist in creating Crobot’s most emotionally thrilling record with a direction to the dark side. Describing the basis for Motherbrain, Bishop eluded to a process of  “meat, strings, and emotion.” Basically, this meant kicking off their day with the protein power of chicken biscuits, followed by the strumming of guitar strings, and the overall emotion exuding from the guitar. Commenting further on Motherbrain, Yeagley stated: I think it’s a much darker record, musically, lyrically, and thematically. It’s some of the heaviest material we’ve ever done, but it’s also some of the funkiest. We’re widening the Crobot spectrum even more. It’s the catchiest too. It’s less about wizards and dragons and more about everyday turmoil and the struggles of life.” 

Slicing into Motherbrain, Crobot open the release with the sounds of bullets and chaos on “Burn.” Slow and steady, the fiery Rock intro will grab you by the collar and the special effects on Bishop’s guitar solo will surprise you before full on harmonica and a guitar driven bridge. The right touch, the rising attitude of “Keep Me Down” comes in as the soundtrack for Crobot’s newest music video. Next up, thundering drums and a sludgy aura give way to a dark, Alice In Chains reminiscent track called “Drown” as “Low Life” channels the energy of another great band in Shinedown.

Owning the yard, a bold and brawny “Alfa Dog” shows whose boss and takes a dark endeavor into the slow burn of “Stoning The Devil.” In the second half of Motherbrain, Crobot light it up with the heavy power of Yeagley’s roaring vocal range on “Gasoline” with lines like “I was baptized in gasoline.” Not slowing down, Motherbrain delivers even more dynamic Rock glory on “Destroyer,” “Black Out,” “After Life,” and ” The Hive.”

Beginning to end, Motherbrain delivers one hard rocking song after another, adding Crobot’s latest release to those year end best of lists by the time 2019 is said and done. Overall, Crobot’s premise for Motherbrain was to take this band to the next level while maintaining Crobot’s identity. That being said, Crobot has done just that in creating a collection of songs which keep your attention and keep your ears in line. Without a doubt, these songs will kill live and fans should be very, very excited for the release of Motherbrain. A band more people should know about, Cryptic Rock awards Crobot’s Motherbrain 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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