Crossfaith – Apocalyze (Album Review)

Crossfaith – Apocalyze (Album Review)


Being Crossfaith’s third full-length album, the release of Apocalyze is an important moment in their careers. Crossfaith is a metalcore/electronicore band from Osaka, Japan and have been livening the rock scene with their hardcore sound and party vibe since 2006. The members: Ikegawa Hiroki (bass), Takemura Kazuki (guitar), Koie Kenta (lead vocals), Amano Tatsuya (drums), and Tamano Terufumi (programming/keyboards) ensure to their fans that their unique and fun style is here to stay.

The beginning track, “We Are The Future”, sets the electronic and heavy tone for Apocalyze. This heavy piece is carried into the next song, “Hounds Of The Apocalypse”. This track definitely makes a strong impression with its quick drumbeats, guitar riffs, and harsh vocals. The tone on the next track, “Eclipse”, is changed drastically. This song’s exciting feel and catchy sound makes for the perfect hardcore party track. As the album continues, it is easy to tell that each track varies a great deal. Yet, Crossfaith keeps their simple idea of heavy and enthralling songs to keep fans entertained. A track that stands out from this concept is “Scarlett”. The clean vocals that end the song can come off as generic, but the use of keyboard gives it an eerie vibe making the song worth a listen.

“Gala Hala” reminds me of Crossfaith’s popular song off of their EP Zion, “Jägerbomb”. “Gala Hala” is not as fast paced, but upholds the band’s eccentric reputation. The following track, “Countdown To Hell”, sounds as harsh as its title. This track is another fast and heavy track complementing the concept of Apocalyze. Rapid tempo of instruments and brutal screams make this track true moshing material. Violins introduce the track “Counting Stars”, but the tune immediately turns into an atmospheric song with an erratic electronic touch. The song is reeled together with classic heavy guitar riffs. Crossfaith’s third record ends with “Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes”. This final track manages to sum up all aspects of Apocalyze in three and a half minutes. With touches of heavy instruments, basic clean vocals, and skillfully used keyboard, this song ends Crossfaith’s exhilarating impression in Apocalyze.

Crossfaith’s newest release Apocalyze can be the anthem for an exciting and lifting music experience in the metalcore genre. Their party sound managed to stay unique and heavy, as well as incorporating different ideas to show development as a whole. Some clean vocal parts seemed common and electronics were sometimes scattered, but they were made up for with the thrilling vibe Crossfaith gives off in every song. Crossfaith has claimed their distinctive identity in the music industry with Apocalyze. Cryptic Rock give this album 3 out of 5 stars.

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